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Any good sources to convince the un-convincible that global warming does indeed exist?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) December 27th, 2006
Now, "An Inconvenient Truth" is not gonna work in this case because my conservative family refuses to watch it. Are there any fairly conservative people out there saying that global warming is real and scientifically proven? Any good books or articles that anyone can point to?
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Any respectable science journal will have documentation of global warming- there's a scientific consensus that its real and exists. Go to (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) nobody can argue its partisan and search for "climate change" - tons of figures and articles will pop up.
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Best of luck, some people choose not to believe in evolution and there's not enough "science" or "facts" in the world to convince them...
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Your use of "the unconvincible" says it all. It is a hot subject, like women's choice, and the other usual subjects. PBS news tonight here (Albany area)had the Sec. of some Fed. Dept talking about the polar bears and their loss of habitat; he was circumspect but did admit to global climate problems...just hedged on whether they were man-made or part of the natural cycle. Gov. is talking about polar bears being put on a "threatened" list but not "endangered"
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Also look up things on Rev. Rich Cizik... I heard Terry Gross interview him and I found him quite well spoken and intelligent. The tipping film for him was a Canadian counterpoint to An Inconvenient Truth; the film is called The Great Warming.
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You could also just be ok with the possibility that global warming is a lie created by corporations in order to drive up consumption. I mean, you have to be ok with the idea that maybe all those science reports and whatnot are all backed by said corporations and that your friends may have a different opinion of the world. Unless they’re ignorant, don’t try and convince them of anything.

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