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What time should I line up outside Best Buy on Black Friday?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) November 19th, 2009

I’m wanting the Sony Vaio, and was wondering when the best time would be to get there the night before.

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Don’t buy into this Black Friday Bullshit. If they can sell their shit that cheap on the Friday after Thanksgiving they can sell it that fucking cheap ALL THE TIME. You are falling for an advertising gimmick that has actualy CAUSED DEATHS.

Stay home, sleep in, eat leftovers, and FUCK BLACK FRIDAY.

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I did this once a couple of years ago to buy a Wii for my son. Crack of dawn, there I am, ~150 people in line , and I’m at about 40 and feeling pretty cocky. They had 1 small pallet of them. The pallet contained ~25 Wii.

I will never do that again. A humiliating commercial rip !

If you must go then go really early and get what you have targeted!

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@Blondesjon- They can’t sell them for that price all the time because they sell at a loss. Deals such as this are called “loss leaders” and are designed with one purpose in mind; that’s to get customers into the store. It’s the same reason you can get an 18” pizza for $10 at Costco.

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@AstroChuck . . . Most of the shit is produced overseas for a pittance. I’m going to need some hard figures on my desk by tomorrow morning before I start to weep for the plight of corporate America.

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Howsabout we all just get together and watch the classic holiday film Jingle All the Way?

@AstroChuck you know the governor, right?

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@Blondesjon- I guarantee that I’m less a fan of the corporate machine than you. And I’m not saying that Sony isn’t making money, but believe me. Best Buy is selling below cost. They couldn’t survive long if this was done all the time. They count on people lining up for their crazy deals so they can get them into their big box store. That’s retail.

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You can get Pizza for 10 bucks?

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<—sitting back, waiting for the middle aged men who want to ‘fight the power’ discussion to start…

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Yeah. And it’s good pizza!

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@AstroChuck . . .I agree.

My point is more a righteous indignation at the hijacking of yet another holiday by big business. Whether it is Sony, Best Buy, or the secret Cabal of Freemasons and Illuminati that run the World’s Banks profiting from Black Friday, the fact is folks have trampled each other to death to “get a great deal”.

That is not retail. That is criminal negligence on the part of Corporate America and the shameful, livestock obedience that Americans have embraced with open, vapid arms.

With that said, how about we grab a Starbucks and flip on the boob tube. I think there is a Friends marathon on in honor of the Thanksgiving weekend.

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what brand of soap box is that?

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don’t you have have a religious question to attack or some pervy comment to make? let the adults talk.

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@Blondesjon not at the moment. ill watch you drunkenly respond to these questions til one shows up.

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if it was drunkenly i would have nodded off halfway through now go an. . . zzzzzzzz

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I think Blondesjon is right about sales gimmicks and all, I only wish he would have said it more politely.

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@nitemer . . .then i wouldn’t be blondesjon.

welcome to fluther

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In my book you would be.

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@nitemer @Blondesjon c’mon, .. kiss, make up, get married ; whatever <yuk>< g >

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get a mac
but honestly, the last 3 black fridays here someone was shot or robbed outside of the best buy, are the deals really worth it?

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all this being said, i work in a store that gets a lot of attention and traffic on Black Friday (not Best Buy or WalMart – it’s not a big box store), and im a bit scared. We actually have to line people up and make them wait. We offer the same deals on the website.

Just get it off the website. There’s free shipping.

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It’s gonna be cold and rainy here Thanksgiving night.
Spend the extra money NOT to get so sick you miss a few days of work.

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A few years ago, I waited outside of Circuit City around 2am. I was perhaps 10th in line until about 5:58am. Once they started preparing to open the doors, the approximately 2,000 people behind me surged forward, almost crushing me. The next thing I knew, somehow 50 people were now in front of me. I was no longer in control of my own movements; I was in an ocean of people and was bobbing around like a piece of driftwood. They only had around 15 of the item I wanted anyway.

That was my last Black Friday ever.

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If you are determined to do it, get there as early as you possibly can. Go in the middle of the night with a thermos of coffee and a really warm coat. Try to avoid being crushed in the crowd, grab only the item you want, and get the hell out. I know a couple of people who have shopped on Black Friday, and that’s the way they approach it.

Personally, I’d spend more money or buy something else before I’d subject myself to shopping on Black Friday. Some people see it as a challenge, like the Winter Olympics Of Shopping. I don’t have the motivation to drag my ass out of bed before the sun is up, and I certainly don’t have the patience to deal with crowds of desperate shoppers and long lines.

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