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If a Zombie is mindless, would you think his/her thoughts would change much if they were stoned?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7439points) November 19th, 2009

Just for fun…they are already mindless, but if a test was done in which they were stoned, you think they would act differently? Crave more brains? Mellow out?? What are your thoughts?

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This is the stuff of thesis papers.

I think they’d just kind of wander around, maybe in circles, looking for someone’s brains that taste like Cheetos.

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they would interact more with other zombies, in their mindless way

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Possibly, if the drugs affect lower brain functions (which is all what zombies would have left, not that zombies are possible though)

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It would probably make them ask this question..

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odds are they’d end up at a zombie dave matthews’ band concert.

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They would all watch the CW.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

Zombies are mindless automatons. No mind: no mind altering effects.

It’s like trying to get a chair stoned.


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@The_Compassionate_Heretic . . .you tried to get a chair stoned?

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@RandomMrdan You are soooo living up to your name.

I think stoned zombies would be totally mesmerized by the smoke leaking through their ribs.

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Is deep fried brain similar to pork rinds?

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Mmm. Considering I have a zombie obsession, I am quite disappointed that I have not thought of this before…

They might want brrraaaaainns even more, possibly even turning on each other due to their appetite.

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@jeanna do zombies taste like cheetos and little debbie brownies??

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If I were a Zombie, I would have no need for a Kombi
Don’t kid yourself, who would hire a zombie as hauler.

If I were a zombie, I wouldn’t have anymore worries.
I would be an upright walking, good looking undead.

That’s about what I would be, if I were a Zombie.

If I were a Zombie, I’d need a manager.
Because I know a director, so I could moonlight .

That wouldn’t be hard, I’d just walk back and forth
scare children with a spear, that could be done by any amateur.

If I were a Zombie.
Happy Zombie, Happy Zombie

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@eponymoushipster they taste like poundcake. nice and spongy but still sweet enough to eat it up. nomnom

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

@Blondesjon That would be a waste of a person’s stash in 2 ways.
1. Wasting your supply to get an inanimate object high.
2. When someone smokes so much weed that they think of zombies or chairs getting high, they’re blowing through their supply much too quickly.

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@jeanna good to know.
@The_Compassionate_Heretic…or a really really good stash.

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Republicans would complain that the stoned zombies don’t have jobs, because they are addicts.
Democrats would try to get them into rehab, but they will be excluded, because of their pre-existing condition (dead).

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I’m going to go with a zombie can’t get stoned. Even if the brain was somhow still running things in some sort of magical way and vulnerable to narcotics there would be no way to get the drug to the brain. There isn’t any respiration or circulation to carry anything to the brain. And that’s assuming the brain is still functional in some capacity. Perhaps, if the nervous system was still functioning (as it would have to be if the brain was actually what moved the zombie) you could somehow trick the nerves into telling the zombie’s brain it was stoned. But I think we’ll all agree that would be an awful lot of work.

It’s be much easier to just remove the head or destroy the brain.

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I posit this:

What if a zombie ate snoop dogg or willie nelson? They, as we know, are avid pot users.
Their brains are susceptible to the effects of usage.
Zombies eat the brains.

Would the zombies not come under the influence via that consumption, at the very least?

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I’m thinking that a zombie can get stoned, it the most basic of ways. because they can walk, make noise, and eat. so they could smoke. If the part of the brain that feels high is gone, they could still get a body high.

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If a zombie were to eat the brain of a pothead, it would follow that said zombie would catch a buzz. A zombie with a buzz would probably grab a VW bus and follow Zombie Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead. He would also probably spend a lot of time contemplating the life of a zombie and time would go real slow. Finally, I think the buzz would give the zombie the munchies so it would eat stoned Dead Heads thereby keeping his buzz going.

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@eponymoushipster I don’t think digestion would do it either. Even if the zombie managed to digest the brain there wouldn’t be any way to carry the “nutrients” to the brain. Maybe that’s why zombies are always hungry, their brains send out the hungry signal but they never receive any feedback telling them that they have eaten a fine and delicious brain. It might even be considered a sort of eating disorder.

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@fundevogel so basically zombies are 14 yr old girls?

fundevogel's avatar

@eponymoushipster but less likely to draw hearts and stars on their notebooks.

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@Dog haha, yes, I am quite random aren’t I?

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For the record, I don’t smoke pot…I get randomly tested since I’m in the Air National Guard.

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@RandomMrdan ~And yet you still came up with this question. ;)

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I have a passion for Zombies (one day….one day)...and my brother actually smokes pot from time to time.

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I believe marijuana needs an active blood stream and respiratory system for it to place its effects through inhaling.
Therefore, it would have no effect on the zombie since its bloodstream and lungs do not operate.

Not sure how the brain of a zombie works, that is, if the entire brain serves to promote its ghastly instinct, or if the parts unused as a human are revealed to be favorable for the existence of the undead, whether intentional or not…so, probbaly nothing.

However, if the zombie’s biological disposition was compatible with the effects of marijuana, it would most likely make no difference, as its instinct would overrule the effects of weed.

First of all, the physical effects of weed induce lethargy and hunger-how is that any different than an actual zombie?

Second, the zombie would be immune to its psychological factors, as it has no known awareness other than to eat, and I doubt such a substance would unlock whatever awareness it MAY have.
So, it can’t be freaked out or amazed or dumbfounded, as it’s essentially a walking mass of rotting flesh, and the physical affects of weed can’t make it any worse than it already is.

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(Mindless zombie + Stoned zombie)Two negatives equal a positive, so they would transform into intelligent, well-mannered zombies.

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I think they’d start talking about peace and love, then go out and stuff their faces with zombie magic brownies. :-)

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