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Have you ever thought that Asians couldn't/ didn't have freckles?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) November 20th, 2009

Some people never really realized or noticed, but even though very few have them, Asians CAN have freckles. Did you ever think about that or thought that only red heads had freckles?

I found it very surprising that quite a few people didn’t know.

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I don’t think I ever thought they were completely incapable of having them ever, but since I had never seen a full Asian person with freckles before in my life, I just assumed that it was extremely uncommon. But I never assumed only red-heads got them. I have freckles under my eyes and across my nose and I always have and I’m blond. And I’m Slavic too. I always thought it was more an Irish thing…lol (I think actually I do have some Irish blood in me).

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Lucy Liu has freckles.. nuff said

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Yup, as the Doc said, Lucy Liu.

<—-And, here’s a chica with a few freckles who’s a brunette (not the girl in the mugshot. Me :))

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@jmah Lucy Liu is a brunette. Are you Lucy Liu?

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@Dr_C, and @jmah, well okay then, of course I know that Lucy Liu has freckles, I have a couple of friends with freckles, and my own mom has freckles as well (all Asian). But my question wasn’t really “point out someone who has freckles” >_>

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lol, @filmfann

OP quesiton: “Did you ever think about that or thought that only red heads had freckles?”

I’m not a red head (I’ve thought about going the “ginger route”, though :))

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OP, sorry, as far as your question goes, I’ve never given it much thought.

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@jmah, i see i see, and it’s alright. xD

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I figure anyone with pigment in their skin can have freckles. Asians included.

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I’ve never thought about it, but as soon as you asked I knew I had seen Asian people with freckles somewhere before. I never thought only redheads have freckles – I have seen plenty of blonds and brunettes with freckles.

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No, I have never thought that. I’m sure they have freckles.

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I have had many a thought in my day. This however, has not been one of them.

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