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If you could go to Gerald Ford's or James Brown's funeral, which would it be?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) December 27th, 2006
and why?
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James Brown will have a way funkier funeral. GWB might be at Ford's. I think I'd go for JB ;)
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Neither, since I have not met any of them.
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I agree with annie. James Brown’s funeral is bound to have better music. JB it is!

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Gerald Ford, LMAO.
Only if someone paid me to go.
There better be a nice buffet with fine spirits.

James Brown, well it might get a bit rowdy there and there could be some tough dudes there so probably not that either.

BUT: this gives me the perfect chance to post this video by LA Style though.
James Brown is dead!

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Need you ask?

JB was the Godfather of Soul
...Gerald Ford was just the President!

(Gotta keep things in perspective.)

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