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Is commercial jewelry really attractive... or are its purchasers just brainwashed by culture?

Asked by Kraigmo (8685points) November 24th, 2009

Sometimes I get ads in the mail or see them in the paper from Zales or Daniels or whatever, showing a bunch of diamond or pearly rings and gold and silver earrings and all that.

I see a bunch of expensive stuff that looks like ugly shiny insects.

Does anyone really think that stuff is attractive?

I’m talkin’ about commercial jewelry, not homemade jewelry.

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Ooooooooooohhh, shiny! :D

Apparently some people do. There are some things, of course, that are prettier than others. And then there are some that you would swear only the tackiest person in the world would wear. But… yeah. It obviously attracts somebody!

I like simple things, personally.

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I can speak only for myself, but I dislike most commercial jewelry, unless it’s old commercial jewelry.

I would never be very interested in a ring with a huge rock or a necklace with one of those “journey” or “endless love” pendants—they seem so stale and commercialized. Ick.

I also don’t like diamonds or most other shiny stones; I’d rather have a semi-precious or some glass with character.

And handmade jewelry is awesome. I love simple wire wrapped items, like this artist on Etsy. I own some of her earrings and adore them.

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I have never been able to understand the attraction for that sort of thing. It looks ugly to me.

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I’m not a jewelry person myself. A lot of times, it’s the photography in the ads that makes them ugly. The pieces themselves can be more attractive and less flashy in real life. Because what you see in the price circulars are just that, what the companies are willing to spend on creative services does not afford top photographic services. Jewelry is really hard to light and shoot correctly because of the interplay of light and the gemstones.

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I love plain gold bracelets or necklaces. I have a couple of pieces I put on and don’t ever change. The patina of gold is so beautiful.

But most of the stuff you see in the chain jewelery stores really doesn’t show me any artistry or creativity, just what people buy as a gift because they can’t think of anything else.

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Jewelry stores know just how to seduce customers into drooling over their products. The romantic commercials, the pretty display cases, bright lights that enhance every shiny detail…They know exactly what they’re doing. And it usually works out well for them.

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