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How can I promote my blog?

Asked by anon30 (334points) November 25th, 2009

I look at some music blogs and they’re very successful, have a lot of traffic &
they promote a lot of artists. I’m wondering how I can become a part of that?
Maybe making a Myspace, And find unsigned/ underground artists, and ask them if I can promote their music on my blog?
I have some ideas, but not too many. So can you help me do this, make me think of new ideas?

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Start your blog and become part of the community by posting and linking on similar blogs. Then they link back to you. Seems like that’s how they do it. Put the blog in your email signature. Whereever youpost, in your profile list your blog. There’s also some keyword optimizer Google uses that can help drive traffic to your blog as well.

On MySpace, if there’s a band you like, comment on their page and mention that you talk about them in your blog (you really have to do so, though), with its URL. And plug your blog on Facebook too,. I have an FB pal who draws a web comic and he posts a link to it daily. And twitter, too. Mention when you post on all those sites.

Good luck.

Oh, and to see a successful music blog that started small, go to Brooklyn Vegan. It started about vegan restaurants and grocery stores in Williamsburg, but their few mentions of local music became more popular and they changed focus. They still call it Brooklyn Vegan, though. Cool, eh?

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Like, Can I Ask Them I can promote them? like Post There music on my blog?

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You can ask, but that’s starts getting into rights and so on, which is beyond my ken.

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what do you mean rights?

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If you post someone’s music on your blog, the record company and that artist have the rights to that music and will want you to pay them to use the song on your blog. Most professional musicians can’t have other people playing their music for free.

I think you have some research to do. I don’t know much more than this and I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong.

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Alright, Do you know any other way?
like could i put my blog into traffic sites, like stumbleopon?

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