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What non-traditional, unconventional means of advertising and marketing would you suggest?

Asked by acebamboo77 (720points) January 29th, 2009

I have recently met a man who has asked for my help marketing his band. As I learned more about him I became fascinated. He is a Greek-Canadian, who performs in a band that sings songs in not only English but Mandarin, and Russian.
He performs primarily in China which is where he is well known but wants to market more in Canada.
I have come up with many ideas of how to market but I was just hoping I could cast into the bottomless abyss of Fluther knowledge and see what ideas you all had.

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See if you can get the PRI (public radio) program The World to do a story on him. Many Canadians listen to U.S. public radio.

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Get advertisements on the hockey rink, but they’re extremely expensive. This method brings in a lot of customers though.

Be a sponsor at a big event like the Montreal Jazz Festival or Formula 1.

The internet.

Get his name on snowplows. I’ve seen this this week, and it actually works because snow plows are everywhere.

Get his name on the Montreal Metro. There are a lot of riders everyday who just stare at the walls during their commute.

Pull off a stunt.

There are these signs that I saw in South Africa that really work. You get 3 posters and put part of a sentence on each one. Put them on 3 traffic poles so the first one is the first part of the sentence, the second one is the second part and the 3rd one is the 3rd part. That way, when you’re driving, you read the signs in chronological order.

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Set up a blog, offer a single track free download, post some videos… create a little internet buzz.

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mtl zack: It’s called a burmashave

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When ever I hear “unconventional” and “non-traditional” from a client, it usually means that they have no money. So, assuming that, you’re going to have to concentrate on a primarily web-based marketing strategy. Obviously, website first. But the key here is to make sure you’ve fully optimized it. Add a blog, give stuff away, etc. just make sure you’re updating it regularly so google digs it. Then, focus on your free social media outlets. Twitter, facebook, etc.
I’ve been working with this start-up personal training studio and they had almost no marketing budget. So, I focused all my energy into optimizing their website and so far it seems to be working. But it is work. You have to constantly increase your knowledge base and stay up with the trends. There is no magic bullet to getting a higher google rank. Now, getting paid for this work, that’s a different story :)

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The guy has plenty of money, and alot of backin, but conventional and tradtional methods of advertising are not proving affective.

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What cut of his money will I receive for helping you?

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