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You're the size of a dime and you are standing under a measuring cup. Someone picks the measuring cup and the thing you're standing on up and puts you in a car. How does this feel? How do you describe it?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) November 30th, 2009

This is for a fiction story I’m writing for school. I’m stuck at this one point. I need help!

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Bungee jumping, upside down, backwards.

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I feel like I’m high reading this question.

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Wouldn’t you be squashed by having a measuring cup on top of you?

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Did you ever read The Indian and the Cupboard books? The later ones did a good job (from what I remember) describing being very small and moved around by big people. They were good books in general so you should read them even if you don’t have time before you have to finish your story. Basically, I think it’d be pretty jarring. You’d get thrown around a lot. Gravity has less of an impact on very small things (which is why you won’t kill a bug by dropping it a distance that is 100 times its own length, while that would certainly kill a human) so it wouldn’t kill you to be flung around in such a manner, but I think you’d definitely get tossed about. Maybe you’d get motion sick!

@gailcalled That’s what I thought at first, but I think he means that the measuring cup is upside down and over you, like the little person has been trapped.

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I’m with @rangerr and @gailcalled on this one.

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@fireintheprairie – Yes I have! I love those books! That just gave me a great idea! Thanks!

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You would be holding on for dear life. Even if they were careful, each step they took would be a like the the highest drop on a roller coaster. You would probably throw up or maybe pass out from extreme ups & downs, like one gigantic wave after another. Sea sick. Maybe like being on a small raft and tossed about the ocean during a storm.

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Another question: You’re in a car which has been sitting closed in the summer (you’re still the size of a dime), and it’s quite hot. Would it feel hotter or cooler than we feel it? Is the heat a danger or not?

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I would imagine it’s hotter because you are smaller.

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You would also be facing quite a strong wind.

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The measuring cup is upside down. It’s not squashing you. It’s hiding you. Right?

It feels like an out-of-control helicopter ride (an elevator cut loose and soaring). Your stomach loses its sense of gravity as you swoop in the air. Your knees weaken and bend and you fall onto all fours. You feel like you’re going to throw up. Maybe you do throw up. You probably go down on your side and roll over. Try not to roll into the spot where you were sick. Landing is like falling off the upper bunk or maybe jumping off the garage roof. When you come to a stop, you are dizzy and your brains rattle.

Actually I believe surface tension would hold you stuck to the thing you’re on and you probably couldn’t move if you wanted to. But this is fiction, not science, and the author is omnipotent.

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Revisit “Honey, I Shrunk (sic) the Kids.”

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Great stuff, as per @Jeruba . I have just, coincidentally, discovered…..........(moves to PM)

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I feel like I’m on some amusement park ride, a situation completely out of my control, I am giddy and on the verge of throwing up. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

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I’m not sure how it works on a small scale. Initially I thought that it’d be like being on a express elevator or roller coaster. But then I thought about how insects travel at these speeds all the time without ill effect. So, while it’s not that great for your story, maybe it’s not so much uncomfortable as it is just weird that someone picked you up in the first place.

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The floor would suddenly be pitched at a perilous angle and I would tumble against the side of the measuring cup. I would be fighting for balance, one foot on the measuring cup.. one on the “floor” .. and just when my feet would find true purchase.. everything would tilt in a different direction..

I would be nauseous from the spin of the world around me (assuming the measuring cup is clear). Colors would be blurred and shapes indefinable. It would feel as if my heart were trying to escape through the top of my skull.

At long last I would be placed onto the backseat of the car (which would likely smell of fast food and cigarettes) .. finally able to ponder my situation from this new firm foundation beneath me.. when we hit a pothole in the road and my make shift prison and me go tumbling to the floor boards and I escape under the drivers seat.. hiding in some upholstered crevice.

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