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You've just been granted the ability of invisibility; where do you go/what do you do?

Asked by anon (1631points) December 7th, 2009

That’s right, that cloak you found while rummaging through your loft for Christmas decorations is an actual Cloak of Invisibility!

Good for you…

Now, where do you suppose your first adventure lies? Perhaps you’d like to know what your Government really talks about behind closed doors? Or just what do your freaky looking neighbours get up to really, maybe they’re not Satan worshippers after all?

You could always use the cloak for deeds of evil, like pilfering the Crown Jewels (well, OK not exactly evil but certainly illegal) or scaring the bejeezus out of your SO (or your friends, parents, family, etc).

What would you most like to do with the power of invisibility and why?

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I would disappear.

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I would give it away and/or use it to hide my valuables while I am out of the house.

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Put a sheet over me and walk around. “Ohoho nice halloween outfit, fool! You’re a month late” they’ll say. And then they’ll take off the sheet and I’ll be invisible! Hoho, joke’s on you, bystanders!

I’m curious about the function of this cloak. Does it grant invisibility to the entirety of my body, or only the portions (relative to the viewer) which are directly covered? Can I hold onto something and have it turn invisible, or would I have to walk around nude (aside from the cloak) when I want to be invisible?

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@Sarcasm Haha, lurve it.

The entirety of you, plus everything under the cloak is invisible. Any objects you’re carrying in your hands will be visible if they’re not under the cloak.

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Where: Female locker room.
Why: I’m Male

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I go to a museum and start moving stuff around:)

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Is it improved invisibility or does it wear off the minute I kill someone? Cause then I’d need 6 of those.

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I would go to as many places as possible, work to find out what they really think of me! My daughters school to see what her day is really like, maybe number 10 to see what going on there! and if time pop across the ocean to see whats happening in that place that the goverment says doesn’t exist wink wink !!!

For fun I would find a couple of dressing rooms to have a sneaky peek at!!

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It would depend on if I had shed all my ethics along with my clothes, I suppose. If I had not, then a cloak of invisibility would not have much use for me.

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Head for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders’ locker room!

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To the girl’s dressing room to see someone showering naked, then to Molly’s house to find out what she says about me when I’m not around. Ooops I see @stratman37 proves that art imitates life. Never mind.

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@FutureMemory number 10 Downing Street.. I’m from the UK!!!!

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—as the locker room answer is sooo popular, i better think of something else—-
Oh yes!!!! Any concert, front row! :P

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I believe the proper question is WHAT WOULDN’T I DO

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steal…. a lot… of expensive items…

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I’d haunt the crap out of a person or two I don’t like, peek in on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s shower, see what’s happening inside the White House, maybe do a little fun stuff with my husband ;) try to figure out how to get some monetary benefit without harming anyone, go naked… the possibilities are endless!

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@ubersiren Good idea you gave me. Perhaps I could pop in watch Gilles Marini shower. Oh, wait, never mind, I saw that in the Sex in the City movie.

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@Marina Yeah, it was all out there, wasn’t it

Geez, we’re a bunch of perverts.

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I got a question, if I “liberate” any item from a store and place it under my cloak, will it still trip off the alarm? In that case, I’m gonna need a cloak not as long because I’m gonna trip when I run!

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I disagree with female locker room.
Sure sure, sexy girls undressing.
But after workouts. They’ll be smelly, sweaty, probably farting.
Perhaps the locker room showers, that may be fun, assuming girls use them (I know when I was in high school, the boys’ room’s showers didn’t get used). Or fitting room at clothes stores.
Oooh.. Or sexy massage parlors. Hmm.. Where else do girls get naked, aside from somewhere that would get me a B & E.

Y’know, if you spell Sarcasm backwards, it spells out Voyeur.

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@Sarcasm psssh…didn’t you know girls don’t fart?

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I thought they didn’t.—Until, I found out. *cries *

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Of course it would be a daily trip to the bank.

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I would stow away on a plane to LA to visit my brother, who I haven’t seen since the summer. Once there I would “liberate” some merchandise (well said, @belakyre)! then find [male] celebrities and follow them to their showers. I think those are the top three:)

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Oh, but first I’d sneak into the Academic Affairs building and give myself all As for the semester so I wouldn’t have to do the insane amount of schoolwork I have to do this week:)

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I would like to stand on a corner in a large city at rush hour and use a stick covered by the cloak to make it appear as if I could make objects levitate. Or maybe make it look as if I can objects disappear. How many people do you think would stop to pay attention and how long would it take for someone to realize that something unusual is going on?

I would like to follow a movie producer around to see from start to finish what it takes to make movie.

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Come on people.

Your invisibility allows you to go anywhere. Giving you access to almost anything.

Wealth and power is at your fingertips.

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You’re right. I should look at the monetary gains I could have!

“Come one, come all, feast your eyes upon the horror of the invisible man! That’ll be $40 per viewing! A sight which surely cannot disappoint! Now you see him, now you don’t! Tell your friends, bring your family, he does birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs as well!”

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There you go!!

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I’d go to a national agency Hq to look at all that secret information. than I’ll go in some of the greatest laboratories in the world to play with all the gadges and all the cool stuff

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I’d go to the movie theater and watch all the movies I’ve been dying to see but haven’t had the money. I can jusy walk right in and not be seen or charged! Very cool. Then I think I’d head to a bank and wait for them to open their safe…

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I would give up my life as a shepherd, seduce the queen, kill the king, and take over.

Actually, I’d finally be able to use all of my comic book knowledge: I’d become a super hero.

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well, maybe I’d do a bit more, but being “invisible” for so long, I really never thought of actually being invisible.
it’s winter here, don’t really wanna be invisible right now

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I don’t see how being impossible to see allows you to pass through walls and locked gates and vault doors. Is this a cloak of invisibility or immateriality? If you’re immaterial, how can you pick up or manipulate anything? Pah. I think you made this up.

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I would visit every member of my family and find out what they really think about me and hope that I’d be pleasantly surprised

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@Jeruba Pfft. I’m going to be watching you while you sleep.
Through the wall and while levitating.

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Cool! You can decide who really snores worse, my husband or me. I know the answer, but he doesn’t believe me.

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@Jeruba You just slip in when other people open the doors and gates. They won’t notice, you’re invisible.

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If hitch a ride to area 51, check it out top to bottom, head to DC and check out the white house and it’s residents. Then I’d go to every cool historical attraction and sneak pas all of the velvet ropes into all of the cool areas. Just for starters.

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Oh man. Area 51 is a great idea!

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Lol. Thanks!

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I would sneak into a bunch of different Flutherites homes, wait for each one to leave their comp unattended for a few minutes then write a bunch of really crazy shit that they would normally never say. I guess this would only be funny if I could travel around the world in one night like Santa Claus

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@Jeruba, problem solved. You can tell your husband that it is definitely you who snores! ;)

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I would put it on, marvel at my invisible arms for a bit and then log onto Fluther.

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