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Why do dead accounts receive lurve?

Asked by absalom (7552points) November 30th, 2009

Out of boredom (which evidently to leads to narcissism) I was reminiscing and looking at my old account’s better answers, and I decided to lurve some of them. Though the account is dead (i.e., I deleted it) its lurve continued to rise until I suspect it reached the maximum amount allowed from a single person for the day/thread/whatever (okay, so maybe I lurved more than ‘some’ of them).

So why do dead Fluther accounts continue to receive lurve? And though we can’t see the external profile of a dead account, should we assume it continues to receive badges or awards?

Just curious.

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you get lurve from people responding to you answers so thats probably what happens

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I thought they had a built in checker so that you could not establish another account and give yourself love?

You are in serious trouble and are now a lurve criminal for circumventing the policing checker!

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Luckily I’ve already fled the country. I think I’ll head to Australia.

But seeing as the account is dead and unusuable by anyone, the lurve given to it is also dead and useless.

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are you serious??

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You’ll learn ere long Fluther’s a front for the CIA. Violations of its rules can lead to some serious trouble.

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OMG!! It’s not a dead account! It’s a ZOMBIE account!

which are almost as scary as zombie accountants.

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What’s your old account?

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Lurve is free and worthless so who would care about going to a dormant account?

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I always feel that lurve not only adds pointe to the Flutherie who has “earned” those lurve points (naughty self fullfilling…beep beep, lol) but also a way of showing an X number of people liked a particular answer.

Suppose even if the account is dead, it is nice to see how much lurve an answer earned. Well, me me it does anyway.

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I feel the same way.

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Yup- disabled accounts can accrue lurve.
I should remind though that self-lurving is against the guidelines. So experiment over okay?

And as @Allie has mentioned in other threads- It is also kinda kinky ;)

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