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What are some of your thoughts about twilight arguments?

Asked by jessicamarie (199points) November 30th, 2009

Some people think twilight is a bad example for teens because of shirtless men and how intense the kissing scenes are in the movie. They think it is promoting to teens that sex is ok if you think you are in love…I disagree and think teens should be supervised more by their parents.

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Kissing shirtless boys? That even sounds pretty intense. Yikes.

I’m more concerned that girls these days are attracted to boys with fangs.

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I’d be more concerned with the fact that it glorifies an abusive relationship in which an overbearing and manipulative 90 year old man controls the thoughts and activities of an obviously weak minded, submissive and co-dependent 17year old clumsy girl while also sneaking into her room at night and watching her sleep.

Vampirism does NOT make stalking attractive.

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kissing scenes not intense at all (nothing like Ron and Lavender in last Harry Potter)!!!

no one has had sex in the films, as of yet; and in books it is vague when they do.

And as far as shirtless boys go….have teens never been to the pool or beach?

Twilight is the least of their worries.

***I am not a Twilight fan (book) at all, but have taken my sister to see the films and there is nothing for parents to worry about.
I am

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Yeah, God forbid a man should be shirtless. How unbelievably scandalous and damaging. It’s a sight no one should ever have to see at any age.~

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@DominicX I’m shirtless right now actually and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. (the nurse spilled coffee on me and is getting me a scrub shirt from the dressing room as we speak)... but I don’t think that’s the main argument against twilight. I think glorifying subservient and submissive women bending to the will of misogynistic and overbearing 90 year old men just because they sparkle and have color changing eyes is wrong on many many levels.

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i disagree and think teens should be supervised more by their parents
So why were you flipping out about your mom “thinking” about letting you go to the dance?

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There are plenty of movies that are far worese as far as kissing and sex is concerned. Teenagers are going to see those movies anyway, plus tv. shows, magazines and celberties are always about someone hooking up with someone else’s boyfriend. That kind of media is everywhere therefore it is completly unfair to single out the Twilight movies for such content when there are far worse things out there ex. Sex Drive. Teens are going to see drugs&sex everywhere in the media, but in the end most teens do what they please despite any influence the media may have.

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Aren’t the Twilight movies rated PG13? I’ve seen much worse things in PG13 movies than what is shown in Twilight. Many movies have a lot more sex, swearing, and drug use. I don’t think a shirtless teenage boy is a big deal. Not compared to most other movies these days. You can turn on the tv and find worse things.

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@jessicamarie I think what parents should be worrying about is their teenage sons and daughters going at it like jackrabbits. Jeesh.

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Why aren’t you capitalizing anything?!

Also, back off you shirtless loving ho’s. Dr_C is mine.
And I’m currently all a flutter.
Just, you know, marking my territory.

I really just can’t take this question seriously.

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At this point, I think everyone—kids, parents, teens, just everyone should go see EVERY TWILIGHT MOVIE. Because if we don’t get to the movie version of Breaking Dawn, I will be devastated.

(Otherwise @Grisaille and @Dr_C hit the main points—especially @Dr_C—you’re trying to create a straw man here by misrepresenting what people are actually upset about when it comes to Twilight.)

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It’s an oversexed series that targets a young woman’s want for a “tall dark stranger.” It’s nothing new, just different packaging.

Personally, I hate the fact that they broke and changed so many rules of being a vampire. And as a film student, regardless of my opinion on the franchise, the movies were horrible. Learn to color balance.

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I don’t think it’s as serious as stalking… but hey, I’m a fan, what can I say.

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I don’t think it’s as serious as stalking…

No, really. If a real person did even a fraction of the things Edward does, there would be jail time and court orders involved.
Because if we don’t get to the movie version of Breaking Dawn, I will be devastated.

It is going to be one spectacular trainwreck, no lie.

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@jessicamarie, I think it’s downright bizarre—and, frankly, kind of sickening—that people are upset about “shirtless kissing” in this movie.

One, because who honestly gives a shit about shirtless kissing. An activity that most people have engaged in by middle school.

Two, because, as others point out, there are actually legitimate problems with Twilight. For example, its warped and strangled Mormon view of sexuality, its admiring portrayal of Bella being submissive to an abusive stalker, etc.

Third, because I think it’s ridiculous and infuriating that people get so up in arms about portrayals of sex in popular culture—sex is an activity that most of us have engaged in or will some day engage in—but nobody seems to care about violence. Why is “shirtless kissing” such a taboo subject, but nobody cares about, for example, the dismemberments? Don’t we have better things to worry about?

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The real issue at hand is the quality of the books and movies. If I had kids and they were seeing Twilight, I’d be more worried about their taste in movies than an exposure to mild sex scenes.

(Although I’m cautiously happy to see that New Moon apparently pokes fun at itself in the link @Grisaille provided.)

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I think it needs some shirtless man on man action. I might actually watch it.

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@casheroo: I’m going to watch it anyway… but I’d sure breathe a lot less :x

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Bah, a fine line needs be drawn between fiction and reality. It should be the parents’ job to mentor their kids about such things, instead of just taking stuff away.

I’m just really upset about how wussy the vampires are in this.

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Its just a movie.Its not real.

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