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What do nurses need on a daily basis?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) February 19th, 2008

I’m putting together a daily “survival kit” for a friend of mine who just passed the boards and is going to be working at a children’s hospital in a few months. I’m including things like pens, sharpies, a mini calculator, gum, and lip gloss in the kit. What else do nurses use/need during the day that I could put in the kit?

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Gel insoles. Rescue Remedy drops. Chocolate, in tiny doses.
What a nice friend you are.
I am an artist and I need: sad music, chocolate, q-tips, orange soap, one of those bottles of scented oil that has sticks coming out of it to disperse the smell of lavender into the air, an open window, extra x-acto blades, trash removal, sandwiches delivered without comment, people who will tell me my work is helpful to them. Can you make me a kit, too? Bless you.

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Thank you! Keep your inspiration—it sounds like you have quite a bit.

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A high quality lanyard, something that is crafted (e.g. decorated with colored stones) might make a good addition. Something sentimental along those lines.

A foot massage tool (like those wooden rollers) and foot and leg lotion.

There’s a Chicken Soup book for nurses.

Comfy socks, maybe.

A nice water bottle. They have to use something with a lid and a straw.

Good hand lotion.

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A strong stomach.

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A joke book. A gift that both her and her patients would get good use of.

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Spare pen (for when someone steals the first one)
back up spare pen (for when the spare pen falls into something nasty and you have to throw it away incase you suck the end by mistake)
Little pen torch (to shine in peoples eyes)
back up little pen torch (for when someone steals the first one)
small tape measure
Back up small tape measure (because people always steal mine)
Small note book (moleskine are nice)
Supply of analgesia
Watch with alarm to remind you its time to drink and wee before you end up in renal failure (again)
Adidas GSG 9.2 footware. (very expensive but unbelievably comfortable don’t know how I lived without them)

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knee pads, preparation H, ear plugs. Tylenol. Mace.

Hand cuffs.

A wallet with mad money in it.

A bible

Something small caliber and portable, loaded, with spare rounds

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the holy biblable

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