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Whats on top of your Christmas Wish List this year?

Asked by Sariperana (1442points) November 30th, 2009

Whether or not you have made a list or have not – whether it can be bought or not – what is the thing that you want most this Christmas?

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This book. Really.

Unless you’re talking about things like
world peace
jobs for my sons and everyone else who’s out of work
ending world hunger
troop withdrawal
economic recovery
et cetera

I gave you a “real” answer, not a cosmic fantasy.

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my two front teeth

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I want more items to add to my scrapbook collection. Construction papers, stickers, pens, albums, etc. These are all cheap and simple things. And best of all, it would make me much happier than any expensive crap that I don’t really need :)

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Failing that, books and/or an external hdd.

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Cookbooks and accordion music to improve my two newest hobbies!

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I would say an espresso machine. Something better than the fake espresso machine we have now. But as long as no one dies this Christmas (unlike last year) I’ll be happy.

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‘A Holiday Wish’, by Steve Martin
on wishes.

tried to get the link directly, but this will get you to it.

sebastian_von_tulu's avatar

A reason for being.

Failing that; I need a new laptop.

Frankie's avatar

A sewing machine, so I can teach myself to sew and have a new constructive hobby.

I would also like a digital camera since I lost mine last year, and more toys for my kitten.

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Excellent! I want a bottle of Chanel No.5 EDP… failing that, just spending tmie with my family all together is a great gift thing for Christmas!

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A proposal….......

teejay0514's avatar

An official relationship with a girl that I have been talking to for six months..

And a new laptop or tv wouldn’t hurt.

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A ziessen Chanukkah.

Facade's avatar

I really want my romantic relationship to be how it was in the very beginning.

ThomasJames's avatar

I just simply want happiness. I want peace of mind…I want everything in my life to fall into place like my relationship issues, trying to decide on what college I’m going to attend, etc.

faye's avatar

I want to be more serene. Where can I send the kids to get that for me??

SeventhSense's avatar

jealous…festival of lights…cute…we got a guy with a bag and toys…need i say more..:)

FishGutsDale's avatar

@juniper Will you marry me?

If this proposal fails, I’ll take a new 50mm prime lens for my camera.

TitsMcGhee's avatar

I want something to turn out the way I intended it to. A boyfriend/functional relationship wouldn’t upset me too much either.

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@juniper and @FishGutsDale, you can be our next whatthefluther and sccrowell! Hurray! Romance!

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A puppy would be good and just spending time with my boyfriend

SeventhSense's avatar

I want a puppy too..some pussy also ..maybe a cat.

sjmc1989's avatar

@SeventhSense Such a Dirty Santa :)

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To finally get caught up on bills (almost there).

Next year i’d like a new iMac and some camera equipment.

proXXi's avatar

A New Yorker photo essay of world leaders featuring flattering images of at least three enemies of democracy.


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I want to be home, instead of still in the hospital. (Got my surgery date today. They’re slicing and dicing in my brain on the 18th.)

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@MacBean: Why are they slicing your brain?

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@cprevite: It’s a lobotomy. Pituitary tumors. AGAIN. I’ve had this done before, but I guess they didn’t get it all last time because the problem is back. This time they might just take the whole gland out, depending on how things look when they get in there.

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@MacBean: Oh boy. Well I hope that goes well for you. I’m marking my calendar so I can remember to think good thoughts for you on that day.

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I want one of my two front teeth—having both of them impedes my breathing.

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@MacBean <hugs> will keep you in my thoughts, hope you’re all well soon <hugs>

All I want for christmas is hubby and my fur babies, and peace and quiet lol.
hugs all xx

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@MacBean, I will keep you in my thoughts.

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World peace and an end to hunger…is that so much to ask. And maybe just one day, CHRISTMAS DAY where nobody died, no one went home to an empty house or a broken home…and every child came home to be loved. It’s a start.
I ask for the same thing every year…but I never get it. Pity.

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video camera (for some reason, stills of our baby aren’t satisfying anymore)
digital audio workstation software (sonar, cubase, whatever)

Ghost_in_the_system's avatar

To get out of the pinch.

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Now all I want for Christmas is a Kindle.

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That congress doesn’t shove through that mess that is the Healthcare Reform Bill.

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Hurray, @MacBean, and an extra-merry one to you.

Did you get the Kindle?

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I didn’t. But my failing electronics (cell phone with dead pixels on the screen, and Nintendo DS that turns itself on and drains the battery) have been replaced. So that’s a win anyway. And I only have to wait until the beginning of March for my birthday, so maybe then!

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I’d like to fall in love again, and have a beautiful, nice, stable, fun relationship with a partner.

And a Chanel purse, and a new apartment.

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