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Has any Flutherite asked their doctor if they're healthy enough for sexual activity?

Asked by proXXi (2891points) November 30th, 2009

What were the circumstances?

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The TV told me to always ask

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I was visiting him to discuss my erection that had lasted more than four hours.

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Erection Lurve @ratboy

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I think my doctor would be offened if I asked him if he was healthy enough for sexual activity.

I mean, after all, he’s the doctor. And why would I be asking? Do I want to have sex with him? Probably not.

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I think when I applied at the airforce I was tested on std’s and overall fitness.
Guess you could say I didn’t really ask for it.

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I had a nasty little surgery for an anal fistula. That was my first question to Doc. as I began to mend. Mind, I was very young at the time.

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Funny story: my friend and her boyfriend call that fancy orange juice in the fancy container “liquid sex.” The two of them were donating blood once, and the boyfriend finished first. He came to my friend’s table and asked if she wanted to come over after for some liquid sex. The nurse was right there. When my friend was done, the nurse gave the normal spiel (make sure you keep the fluids going, have a big dinner, don’t exert yourself, etc.) which my friend agreed to. The nurse said, “No really, NO exerting yourself. Don’t do ANY physical activity that raises your heart rate.” She obviously didn’t know that “liquid sex” is just orange juice:)

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My doctors have all had plenty of kids and a few are currently pregnant, so apparently they all are healthy enough for sexual activity. Beyond my assumptions, though, it is really none of my business.

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