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Where does Lawrence Lessig stand about artist's rights, and revenue for artists?

Asked by andrew (16496points) February 19th, 2008

Lawrence Lessig (creative commons pioneer) is in the early stages of a congressional bid.

As I understand it, copyright was created to protect creators of “culture” (i.e. artists, actors, writers, inventors, etc.) by protecting their works against unlawful reproduction (especially in instances that would rob the artist of revenue), ultimately fostering the production of more “culture”. Obviously the current state of copyright is a different ball of wax, but that’s (sort-of) another topic.

Can anyone point me to articles in the Free Culture movement regarding how artists can receive legal protection for their works in a post-copyright legal structure? Or: provide me with a more nuanced view about the subject?

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Andrew, I’d highly recommend watching Lessig’s last lecture on Free Culture, where he discusses his overall position on copyright.

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That’s an extremely informative video, sferik. Are there any articles/videos on Lessig/Creative Commons/Free Culture’s delineation of “remix culture” vs. piracy?

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I’d recommend reading Lessig’s essay On Piracy as well as a guest post by Dennis Kucinich on Lessig’s blog.

Also, if you liked Lessig’s last lecture, I think you’ll also like his TED Talk, where he specially mentions the piracy issue.

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