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X-BOX Account Hacked? How? Who can we call to get some immediate attention?

Asked by srmorgan (6773points) February 19th, 2008

My son is an X-Box junkie, I came home tonight to hear that “someone” “hi-jacked” his X-Box account and that he has no access to it. He’s called XBOX (some call center) and was told that managment would get back to him in 5 or 10 days. Does anyone have a name or number to call so I can get ahold of someone with some clout? How does this happen anyway?

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I know that all you have to have to get someones account is their email address and their password. I suppose then the hi-jacker could change the password so the original owner of the account cannot get to it. As far as a remedy, all i can say is that if it happened to me i would do the same thing: call microsoft and hope for the best.

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Try the Xbox Live support – they have a direct phone.

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