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Do you still shop when you're hungry?

Asked by coolguitarplayer (69points) December 2nd, 2009

Everybody knows you’re not supposed to but do you continue to do it even though you know better? Any ideas on what keeps you or others from following that advice even when you know it works?

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Ya I’m hungry so I buy food to satisfy it.

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I do, but only because it’s pretty much the only time I’m interested in looking at food I might want to eat. The rest of the time, it’s like I’m just staring at stuff. I don’t want any of it.

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I really try not to, but sometimes circumstances dictate how my time is spent.

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I shop while I’m hungry and high. It’s bad news.

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I usually shop when I’m hungry or at least when I’m not full. One time I went grocery shopping with my mom when I was quite full and I got almost nothing for myself. I regretted it later when I found that I had to return to the store in just a few days.

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Sometimes, I must because of scheduling and whatnot.

However, I am weird and rarely hungry…and if I am, I’m usually “past” hungry and feel like not eating ever again.

So…hungry or not, it doesn’t usually affect my shopping habits. Or if it does, it’s not something bad, it’s a craving for an orange or grapes. Really.

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I try to avoid it.

I will just grab a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s. One fills me up enough to make it so I don’t buy tons of crap.

edit :: I should add that I eat fast food first to help with the craving of salty and fatty foods. But I mostly eat food I find around the house. I go shopping about twice per month. I have eaten fast food twice this month. I had Burger King 11/3/09 and I had Taco Bell about 4 days ago.

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I have great self control when it comes to food shopping even when hungry. Probably because I am a tight c**t :p

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i think there is a happy medium where i’m neither full nor hungry when i go. if i’m hungry when i go i buy everything, but if i eat right before i go shopping then i don’t buy anything.

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It doesn’t affect me much because I eat the same foods all the time. If I shop alone then I can be trusted not to bend but if I’m shopping to prepare a meal for someone else then that’s when I get a bit slippery and might pick up goodies and justify they are for the other person.

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Not any more. I eat first and use my grocery list.

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Heck yea.

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I always assumed the reason they had samples around the store was to fill you up while shopping. I can eat a meal walking thru Kroger!

If I’m hungry, I tend to buy more junk food, as opposed to the healthy stuff we all need!

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i shop early on saturday mornings after a 3-mile run. the run sets back my hunger at least for the time i spend in the grocery store. as i shop, i buy fresh produce and other items on a healthy conscience. a slow metabolic body will shop on hunger impulses. an active body will shop for health and “color” or fruits, meats and vegetables.

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ooops. i know i shouldnt but i still do

a girl cant help it. :P

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No. If the timing ends up putting me at the store when I’m hungry, the first thing I do is buy a drinkable yogurt and some crackers. Then I drink it and eat the crackers while I am shopping. I never go up and down the isles while hungry.

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I shop when I am in town whether I am hungry or not. But it doesn’t make any difference in what I buy because I refuse to buy junk food. I won’t buy it because of the excessive sugar, the excessive packaging and the excessive cost.

I don’t mean to sound holier than thou, I just want to keep my weight in line, feel lean and mean and energetic.

It is hard to overbuy on fruit & veg whether I am hungry or not, it all gets used.

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@rooeytoo I’m actually getting better NOT buying so much junk. With hubby on special diet and teenaged son who wrestles, healthy is a word this house is becoming used to!

(OK I did buy dark choc hershey’s kisses – ate 2 and put away for holiday company)

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@Skippy – you are a strong woman to only eat 2 hershey kisses!!!

I have to admit about once a week, I sneak out after dinner and have an ice cream or a candy bar, hehehehe. I am more concerned about my husband’s weight and blood pressure than my own which is in the proper zone, so I don’t think a little indulgence here and there is too bad. We have both lost a lot of weight by eliminating sugar and white carbs and once I was on the diet for a week or so, I lost the constant craving for sugar. That is good!

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Yup I do and I buy stupidly brilliant things.

I always wonder if it’s because I’m hungry or because I read that shopping when hungry makes you buy more… Like the whole theory is just a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Well, they say that you shouldn’t shop for food when you are hungry because you’ll buy unhealthy, unnecessary junk food. I think it’s true to a point, depending on habits. I think you are probably more prone to buy things you crave. I’ve noticed I buy a lot more of fresh vegetables and fruit.

But I am a vegetarian, and don’t much crave or use sugar. I think that my body just don’t expect me to have any, so I go for my easy favorites.

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@oratio I do the same thing, but I spend a ton of cash on crappy fruit. It looks so good in the store, but I always forget that out of season fruit is flavorless. I don’t know how many times I bought a honeydew that tastes like water.

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@Capt_Bloth Lol, very true.

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