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Have you ever found yourself having romantic feelings for a fictional character?

Asked by SheWasAll_ (2033points) December 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

With the Twilight craze in full swing, I’ve been hearing girls continously talk about Edward and Jacob and how they want to find their own Edward. I personally think it’s all BS and find these young girls ridiculously pathetic. But as my mother pointed out over thanksgiving, I am in love with Batman and the Jason Bourne character. So what about you?Ever been “in love” with a character in a book or movie?

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The Fonz!!

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Hell ya! I usually fall in love with the funny ones though…..

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Umm… I’m completely in love with Peter Pan. I refuse to hide it anymore.
And also Noah from The Notebook.

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The first thing that came to mind was my massive crush on Agent Scully. Oh, and Caprica Six.. I found the character deep, complex and amazingly well-played by the actress (plus, she’s smokin’ hot).

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this is embarrassing, but when one of my girl friends took me with her to see twilight, i developed a crush on Bella. any other guys have crushes from twilight?...yeah i didnt think so…

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@JONESGH No need to be embarrassed. Bella is pretty hot.

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Sadly I have. What first comes to my mind is my love for comic book heros. I’m just a sucker for a hero. So basically any story with a male hero in it, at least one that is well-thought out, gets my lurve. ;)

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I loved “Idgie” Mary Stuart Masterson’s character in Fried Green Tomatoes. All butch. =) And, them there eyes. Oh, and her character in Some Kind of Wonderful. I had a huge crush on her back in the day.

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Every time someone comes out with a brilliantly written and delivered line I melt a bit… It’s perfectly natural to get a crush on a character.

There’s a great piece of russel t Davis’ book where he admits to having a crush on a character he’s writing for doctor who. (midshipman frame) this is before the first draft is written, let alone cast. He even tries to bring him back for the end of series four but Russel Tovey (who eventually played him) wasn’t available.

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And Mark Harmon, NCIS and Sam Elliott in his westerns when he was young, and Donald Sutherland in Mash and…

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I fell in love with John Cusack’s character Rob in High Fidelity.

It must have been the Cosby sweater.

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@Pcrecords: I am totally in love with the David Tennant Doctor. I want to have all his little Time Lord babies.

I have crushes on fictional characters all the time! I’m a big reader so it’s usually a leading man in a literary work. My first big crush ever was Robin from the 1960’s Batman though. i was head over heels for him. :)

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Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice – the book as well as most of the cinematic versions.

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Oh, and in my early 20’s, Angelina Jolie’s character in Foxfire. (good song in the clip. <warning, though, a bit of nudity>)

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@JONESGH I think most of the guys who’ve seen twilight aren’t interested in girls at all.

If I’ve ever had a crush on a character, it’s Kaylee. But I think still that’s just my love for Jewel Staite.
Other than that, nope, just lots of crushes on actresses.

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Oh, and both Aragorn and Legolas in the LOTR movies.

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@MagsRags Definitely those two, although I prefer Aragorn over Legolas anyday. ;) Such pretty men.

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@KatawaGrey Yes!!! I love David Tennant! He is so amazing

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@jmah – Oh yeah, I’m totally with you on Idgie. :)

Now that you guys are speaking LoTR, um.. Arwen? I mean, Liv Tyler as an Elf with a British accent? Speaking Elvish? Irresistable.

I am indeed a massive geek.

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Molly Bloom.

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When I was younger..I had a crush on Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video games. Especially when Angelina Jolie played the character in the movie.

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So, this is why I spend so much time at Disney World! Bring on the Beast. Okay, so Captain Jack Sparrow will suffice. whisper My real dream is to create the fictional character that everyone here will be lusting for.

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I had a thing for John Smith from Pocahontas when I was little. These days I have a thing for any character Robert Downey Jr. plays, natch.

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Crushes yes. Sincere romantic feelings probably not. Feeling like these people really exist in real life somewhere, no.

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This thread has made me realize I have an inordinate amount of crushes on fictional characters. I think I need help. :\ Or they need to stop making such attractive, spunky, strong, complex, ass-kicking female characters.

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@MissAnthrope I love me some attractive, spunky, strong, complex, ass-kicking female characters! I totally hear ya!

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Caprica Six
Emma Peel
Cameron (on House)
Beatrix Kiddo

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@filmfann I was just about to say Beatrix Kiddo! Something about a girl with a sword…

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Oh, and I liked Uma Thurman’s character in Henry and June (she’s on the right in my avatar). She played June Miller. Sexy as all get out, a little messed up and that New York accent.

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Uma is definitely very attractive. The 20 year age difference doesn’t bother me a bit.

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@KatawaGrey the end of time may prove harrowing for you then. Although did hear David Tennant is auditioning in the US for new roles. So he won’t be off your screen for long.

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Sean Cardinal Cronin in Andrew Greely’s books. I also had a major crush on BJ (as played by Greg Evigan) in BJ and the Bear. More recently I had a crazy thing for Detective Jim Dunbar of the short lived series Blind Justice.

@filmfann Gidget as played by Sally Field? I loved that show!

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Johnny Holmes???

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@JONESGH That’s great to hear. Made my day!

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Mr. Darcy and I go way, way back…....

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Bella is hot??!!

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Go head and make fun… i still have that crush on jacob black. but taylor lautner doesnt help that much.

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Edward Scissorhands! I think he is so cute!

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@IBERnineD Completely agree with John Smith!
Currently have a little crush on Artie from Glee. I’d wheel him into bed any day!

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Ditto @jmah.

Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation.

Natalie Portman in Closer.

Liv Tyler in LotR.

Also, apparently ALL OF MY EX GIRLFRIENDS.

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Kitty Butler from Tipping the Velvet.

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last one

Almost every character that Jodhi May plays. God, I love that woman. Incredible actress, great roles and smokin’ hot.

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Summer Glau and Lena Headey in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles!

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Way back when, I read a book called A Perilous Power by E. Rose Sabin. I kinda had a thing for Miryam.

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Atticus Finch. I’d eat him alive if he were real!

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@augustlan But didn’t he kill that dog once?

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Of course, Holden from catcher in the rye.

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@Grisaille Rabies = Justified homicide. Just sayin’.

Also, I loved (and envied) the relationship between Samuel, Adam and Lee in East of Eden. That’s even weirder, right? Loving a fictional relationship?

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Whaddabout the bluejays, hmm?

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You’re just trying to break us up because you’re jealous. :P

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Ah, who am I kiddin’. I’d do Finch in a heartbeat, myself.

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@sarcasm, Kaylee is adorable!  But in the end, Zoe is the woman for me.  As Wash says, "Have you ever _been_ with the warrior woman?"Actually, all the women in that show are very attractive.

I also have a big crush on Uo-chan from Fruits Basket.  And while we're talking LOTR, I really like Boromir.  He always seemed really human because he feels temptation more than the other characters, and his doubts and fears are close to the surface.  Plus, as played by Sean Bean he was totally bangin hot.  I'll take that "bit of rough" any day.  :p

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Oh my god, my eyes

what did you do to the text

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@Haleth Woahhhh, crazy font. Insanity takes over Fluther. Pandemonium!!!!

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Spike from Buffy! I used to spend hours reading (G-rated) Spike fanfic.

Also, I loved the main character in the first book of the Samaria series by Sharon Shinn. His name is Gabriel, and he’s an angel. It’s an awesome, crazy sci-fi series; check it out.

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Daria Morgandorfer.

Meg Griffin.

Claire Fisher on Six Feet Under.

Flo in the Progessive commercials.

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I didn’t do it on purpose! It was an unintended side effect of setting my computer to Chinese for a school project. Apparently that’s the English text that comes with those settings. I didn’t realize what was going on until just a minute ago. :gonk:

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Just remembered! Hawkeye and Uncas Daniel Day Lewis and Eric Schweig in Last of the Mohicans.
You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.
Be still my heart.

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Emma Peel? Hellz yeah! GA @filmfann

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Kathleen Kelly -You’ve Got Mail
Alice -Resident Evil
Rain Ocampo -Resident Evil

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@MissAnthrope: Scully was my first serious girlcrush! I was about ten years old.

@editingdiva: It always used to disturb me a little that I preferred the Beast before he was turned back into a prince. I also have a crush on Robin Hood. Yeah. An animated anthropomorphic fox. It’s a wonder I didn’t end up a furry… XD

@sliceswiththings: re: Artie from Glee — I love you a little for that. Artie’s great. :D

@augustlan: I knew you’d say Atticus! I agree, 100%.
If I make it through a book or a movie or a TV show without developing a crush, then it has probably failed to properly entertain me. So my fictional crushes are legion.

Major ones that I’ve had for ten years or more: Atticus Finch, Sherlock Holmes, Remus Lupin, Hawkeye Pierce, Schmendrick the Magician, Jareth the Goblin King, Jack Skellington.

More recent major ones: Joan Holloway, James Wilson, Amélie, Reginald Jeeves, Jamie from Love Actually.

Technically, Remus has only been on my list for nine years. But he is my literary soulmate, so he gets to go in the first group anyway..

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In most fictional books I read and movies I see, I often consider the prospect of sex with the female love interest. It is normal behaviour.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

Lois Lane from the old Superman TV show. I always wanted to be the bad girl and kidnap her and tie her up just like the thugs always did in that series. But the thugs were mean and I’d be oh so wonderful to Miss Lane.

I also had a thing for Meredith Baxter-Birney. And, now I know why….

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Romantic no, but crush- heck yes. I third the Tennant Doctor , Captain Mal, Zoe (flutter!), the Beast (who was way better than the prince), Jin (Samurai Champloo), Aeon Flux (nothing like a hot girl who could kill you), Dr House (amiright ladies?), Daniel Craig’s Bond (those cold eyes that hide so much)... Hmmm Maybe I have a problem.

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@gemiwing: ”Dr House (amiright ladies?)

Actor? YES. Character? NO.

MissAnthrope's avatar

@MacBean – Yeah, Scully was the first that I recognized it was the character I was attracted to and not the actor so much. I mean, Gillian Anderson isn’t so bad, but it was Scully’s intelligence, capability, and hidden vulnerability that really did it for me. Hot doctor chicks, what!

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@gemiwing: Aeon Flux lurve!

gemiwing's avatar

@MacBean I’m torn. Sometimes I crush on House and sometimes just on Laurie- but hell who wouldn’t? He’s a hottie.

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@MissAnthrope I have a crush on your avatar. Seriously. It’s so cute and smiley while being ever so slightly evil looking.

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Now that I think of it, I had a crush on Logan from Dark Angel and I had it really bad for Michael on La Femme Nikita.

proXXi's avatar

I’m crushin’ on the tension between Craig’s Bond and yummy Dench’s M.

MissAusten's avatar

All you beyotches just BACK AWAY from my Mr. Darcy!! :P

janbb's avatar

@MissAusten Excuse me, so-called “Miss Austen”, he was mine before you were born.

gemiwing's avatar

@proXXi I know right? And how hot is Dench’s M too? please let me be that hot when I grow up!

MissAnthrope's avatar

@gemiwing – Hahaha, yay!! So glad you like it. I wish the enlarged avatar thing showed animation.. (if you haven’t seen it yet)

<—- cute, sweet, and ever-so-slightly evil

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Harry Potter and House

Allie's avatar

McGee from NCIS. He’s so friggin’ adorable. (... and I like nerds.)
Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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@Allie Do you like funny little green ghouls too? I don’t see how one could have romantic feelings for Charlie, of all of them. Take some advice from the Waitress!

Allie's avatar

@Sarcasm Umm, he’s cute as fuck and hilarious. End.

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The main character (Will) in Almost Famous. But I have to pretend to be 15 years old, too, when I watch that film, or it’s too creepy.

proXXi's avatar

@gemiwing Oh she so is hawt.

That rather unglamorous scene in ‘Quantum Of Solace’ where she’s furiously removing her makup made me all squiggly inside.

Also that scene near the end where she and Bond are staring through each other, squee!!

The tension between them is amazing, I picture her turning Bond over her knee. Mmm…

Jeeeez! If there’s ever been a subject for slash fiction…

I’d love the chance to call her M for Mommy.

I’m sure you’ll be just as yummy at her age.

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@proXXi I’ve had a crush on her for forever. Did you watch her on As Time Goes By? Still freakin’ hot. There’s just something about her…

seeing_red's avatar

Mostly in a sexual sense, but I love the women of the game series Dead or Alive. I cannot help it! Particularly the character Ayane.

sliceswiththings's avatar

@LC_Beta Soooo cute. I was hung up on him for a long time.

proXXi's avatar

I want Peggy Hill for my very own.

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@proXXi: It’s the feet, isn’t it?

SuperMouse's avatar

@proXXi or is it the mad Boggle skills?

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Ron Weasley :)

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Of course. What enthusiastic book reader has not? Mine was a western hero…of course I’ve read a dozen westerns a dime since then, so I can barely even remember his hair color. :)

Pcrecords's avatar

I’m always sensitive to Spoilers but RE my first answer. Russel Tovey became available a few months later… Love that (very long) ending. Alonsi!

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Currently, I have it really bad for Agent Dunham.

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She’s pretty.

MissAnthrope's avatar

Oh man.. cute, hot, freckly, sweet, kinda tomboyish, capable.. I’ve even had a couple of dreams about her, which is pretty unusual for me. I want to lie next to her and stroke her hair and talk to her and other pukey, embarrasing things. :P

There was an episode where she mind-melded with this guy who could influence other people’s emotions, so she could see what he was doing, only it was her in her vision.. so she struts into a strip bar, watches this girl with desire all over her face, then kisses her. It was kinda hot.

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Her eyes are fantastic. Like woah.

MissAnthrope's avatar

I know… I’m so in love.. sigh.

Jude's avatar

@MissAnthrope that clip from Fringe (stripper kiss) didn’t load for me. I’ll see if I can find it on Youtube.

MissAnthrope's avatar

@jjmah – Best Fringe episode ever. ;)
(Season 1, episode 17)

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When I was young I had a crush on Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Heroes in a half-shell. Turtle Power.

disenchanted_poisongirl's avatar

I used to be in love with Harry Potter. Now, I secretly like Holden Caulfield so much. I’ve read The Catcher In The Rye so many times, it’s my favorite book.

Also, last summer, I’d watch Edward Scissorhands every night. I love that movie. And I used to love Edward. Not the stupid vampire, the real Edward.

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