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What have been your favourite movies this year thus far?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) December 3rd, 2009

And why?

Have you seen Avatar, District 9 or Where the Wild things Are?

What did you like/dislike about them?

Those of you who have little kids, I’d be interested in hearing “reviews” about children’s films as well.

Please keep it to 2008–2009.

Thanks. Let’s hear from those Siskel and Eberts

(Yeah, I know.)

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Zombieland was good fun
SO much better than Inglourious Basterds
I’m looking forwards to Eastwood’s new movie

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Men Who Stare at Goats
sparkly eyes!

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Edit: I saw Jonas Brothers 3D opening night, and there were two of us in the theater. That was actually pretty sweet.
I had the bootlegged version of Taken about a month before it was released.. that was a pretty good movie too.
I forgot about Up! I adore that movie… that actually might beat Zombieland.
Saw VI was good, mainly because I love gore.. and am a huge fan of the series.

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uuuggg hated Zombieland

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@tyrantxseries Why? I thought it was quite funny.

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district 9. its the only new movie I’ve seen

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Hurt Locker was also good, I’ll admit

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like…ohmygod…Twilight of course!

::puts bullet through head::

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District 9. It was very emotional for me and I almost asked to be taken home because I wasn’t handling the time span between buildup and releases very well. My partner and I were huddled up one another with tension but we both liked it a lot.

Slumdog Millionaire. Emotional for me because it brought to mind the hardships of a few friends of mine and the actors who played the little boys looked very much as my friends did when they were around that age.

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@Holden I know the screenwriter for men who stare at goats and have worked in two of his plays. He’s called Peter and he’s a genius.

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@rangerr wasn’t as good as it could have been
District 9 much better

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Read Dave Eggers ‘wild things’ based on his screenplay with spike jonze and obviously Sendaks brilliant original story. Haven’t seen the film yet (it’s released in the uk on dec 11) but the book and Karen Os inspired soundtrack have made me hugely excited.

My favourite film of the year (and the original novel) is let the right one in. Truly beautiful film.

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district 9 was very good as hungryhungryhortence said. i also like law abiding citizen and zombieland. where the wild things are was darker than i expected but i enjoyed it none the less. defiance was good too. up was very sweet and i thought inglorious basterds was a hoot. oh and i think 2012 was probably the best apocalypse movie to date.

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I really haven’t had time to see anything (New. In theatres).


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I’ve only seen four: Up, Harry Potter, Brüno and The Men Who Stared at Goats.

I liked Up, which was both funny and thoughtful, if not quite Finding Nemo, and Men/Goats, which was funny, given the serious subject matter.

Potter was meh, with too much time on some things and not enough on others.

Ugh, Brüno. It was obnoxiousness for its own sake. And while Borat picked on easy targets, to be sure, Brüno was shocking and tasteless with nowhere to go.

I’d’ve seem more movies, but I didn’t have the money to keep going to the flicks.

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@johnpowell I really like 500 Days of Summer too.

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Oh god, saw Bruno this year… More of an experience than a film. Never laughed so much in years. It’s fantastic… Not. At. All. For. Kids. Though. So probably wrong for this thread.

Been a big fan of the harry potter films but thought this one was lacking. Truly the only chapter that felt like a bridging film. Shame really, as there was enough in the book to provide interest.

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The best movie I saw this year was my sisters keeper. It was really touching

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District 9 was very good. I also liked Angels and Demons and Up. I thought Taken was 2009, but apparently it’s 2008.

Bruno was also good. I saw that in San Diego with my boyfriend several hours before we came out to each other. It was crazy. That was the same day we went to the gay pride parade. July 18, 2009. Greatest damn day in my entire life. :D

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@DominicX Taken was released in the US in ‘09, but I believe in the UK it was out earlier. Or..somewhere it was earlier.

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@aprilsimnel I actually think Bruno concentrated more on media hacks and shallow fashionistas than the general public. I think it’s more mellow and easier to stomach than borat.

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@dominicx Re Bruno; that’s a very sweet story.

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you said 2008–2009!
Definitely The Dark Knight. I also enjoyed Harry Potter, 500 Days of Summer, Slumdog Millionaire, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Where the Wild Things Are.

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Star Trek

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Wait wait. I change my vote to Public Enemies. :)

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@DominicX, if you haven’t seen Milk, then I highly recommend it to you

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Was slumdog 2009? That’s a great film.

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Definitely Up. Not my favorite Pixar movie (Wall-E is), but it was very good.

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Wow – I blinked – and there were 32 responses. Thanks Jellies!

Lurve ya!

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Inglourious Basterds
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
The Hangover
Star Trek (even though it ripped off Star Wars)

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I really liked District 9. It was very different to the typical alien movies. Star Trek was very good too. I also enjoyed Up. I thought it was very cute.

I’ve been wanting to see The Blind Side and I’m looking forward to seeing Avatar.

By the way.. I just saw 2012 and I thought it was a piece of crap.

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@filmfann :: I thought The Hangover was good too.

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Coraline was pretty sweet too.

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Oh how could I forget The Hangover? I saw that twice!

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500 Hundred Days of Summer. Hands Down.

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‘Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel’ was really good- though I really like the subject time travel, and the british humour was really refreshing for the subject too. I would watch it several times just because it is so entertaining and interesting. It isn’t a very predictable plot.

‘This is It’ was interesting. It made me nostalgic with the music and the knowledge that he was gone forever. I’d recommend it because it isn’t biographical at all, it’s as close to what one could witness as MJ in his natural state.

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Grown-up movies:
Taking Woodstock
Julie and Julia
The Hangover
Inglorious Basterds

Family/Kid Movies
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Shorts – Far and away mine and the boys’ favorite family/kid movie of the year (and we pretty much saw them all). Any movie featuring a young character by the name of Helvetica Black, who goes by the nickname Hel, and has her own theme song, has got to be great.

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Four Christmases was good. My Sister’s Keeper was alright. Funny People was not so funny. New Moon…I’m a fan. Go ahead. Judge me.

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Coraline wins hands down. I also really enjoyed I Love You Man, The Informant, and Star Trek.

I’m anxiously awaiting The Road.

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my 2 cents
where the wild things are…fucking awesome
zombieland…pretty good. the girl in it was annoying. i like woody harrelson though, and he has a daughter named deni…f yeah, 12/10 for him in my book

and also agreed with @lamedb about This is it. well i love michael jackson but THIS IS IT was just good. i love to watch people dance. and…michael jackson…yeah…57 stars.

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I wonder if movies are released so much later here than there, I have seen very few of the ones mentioned. And none of the ones I enjoyed!

I thought Grand Torino was excellent
I also liked Slumdog
Sampson & Delilah
for sheer stupidity and sillyness, The Mall Cop
I of course liked Australia, Rogue and Blackwater because they were all filmed in my backyard.
For sheer edge of the seat kind of stuff, No Country for Old Men
Michael Clayton wasn’t bad
In the Valley of Elah was pretty good
Charlie Wilson’s War
Mad Money was a good one
The Kite Runner was excellent
Outsourced was pretty good and so sadly true

I could go on, but that’s it for me.

I started to watch Bruno and it was way too crude for my taste, too much anal humor?

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@rooeytoo Most of those were last year’s movies.

I started to watch Bruno too, but could only handle about 20 mins before I had to turn it off.

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District 9 was the best movie I have seen in a long time.

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The Savages
500 Days of Summer
Fantastic Mr. Fox

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – oh well, I am just a little behind the times. I will look forward to the ones mentioned that haven’t arrived here yet.

I am pleased to hear I am not the only one who thought Bruno was pathetic.

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@beautifulbobby193 Really, why? I’d love to hear your thoughts on D9

I saw it a while ago (in the cinema) but I am still thinking about it – not always in a good way. It left an impression, no doubt, but it was strange – or had a strange effect on me, rather.

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Oh – I forgot to add The Soloist. I thought the acting was terrific and the movie underrated by the critics.

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