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Have you ever seen anybody you know on the TV show "Cops?"?

Asked by jca (36062points) December 5th, 2009

I was watching “Cops” tonight and i have never seen anybody I know on it. I have never seen the show focus on one of my local cities or towns. However, I always wonder what it must be like to see someone you know on it, in any role. Have you ever seen anybody you know on Cops?

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No, their faces are all fuzzy.
and i don’t have any criminal friends. xD

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Yes. They filmed a segment here in our town, and a couple of the cops were ones I knew.

I didn’t know any of the civilians, however.

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No, but honestly I believe it is just a matter of time and geography.

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Just grandma.

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Your alcoholic dad.

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I did infact see someone I know…not a friend, just someone I knew. He was looking for a prostitute..LOL

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Maybe. I didn’t see his face, his butt looked familiar. I think he jumped my back fence once. Why, what did you THINK I meant?

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