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What's your favorite (recent) documentary?

Asked by atomicmonkey (1665points) April 5th, 2011

It seems to me that we’re in a bit of a renaissance period with documentary. Now that it’s possible to shoot hours and hours of footage, and easier to handle this footage in the edit suite, I believe we’re seeing some stories told that just wouldn’t have been possible even ten years ago. Yes, I love ‘Grey Gardens’ and ‘American Movie’ and ‘Spellbound’ etc, but recent things like ‘Marwencol,’ ‘Exit Through the Giftshop’ and ‘Catfish’ have been excellent. What has blown you away recently?

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“Best Worst Movie”-A documentary on the movie “Trolls 2”.

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@Michael_Huntington I want to see that so badly, Troll 2 was fantastically awful.

I really enjoyed The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, though.

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“Chelsea on the Rocks” was a good doc about Hotel Chelsea in terms of its recent life, and it was done by Abel Ferrara, who is a decent director.

I rewatched “The Weather Underground” the other day, but that’s from 2002.

“Kimjongilia” was frightfully vivid in its depiction of how Kim Jong has made north Korea a communist dystopia.

“Beautiful Losers” is a great doc about the more underground graffiti-based artists of the 90s.

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I’ve heard good things about “Into Eternity” but I have very little knowledge of it myself.

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I love the Ken Jones documentaries the Civil War, and Baseball.
The doc about the making of Apocalypse Now “Hearts Of Darkness” is terrific.
I like the Michael Moore doc “Farenheit 9–11”, but I recognize how blatently unfair Moore can be.
Oh, one more. The Kings Of Kong is a doc about two guys competing at Donkey Kong.

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@filmfann How was Kings of Kong? I wanted to see it really badly, but never got around to it..

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Wonderful. I loved it!

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@Vunessuh I was going to post Murderball! It is an awesome documentary.

I would also suggest Food Inc..

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Dear Francis, which is about the HIV epidemic that could potentially wipe out the Swaziland population. Two Texas college students visit the country in an attempt to share the knowledge on how to stop the disease from spreading further.

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I hadn’t heard about “Best Worst Movie” – am going to have to watch the hell out of that.
“King of Kong” and “Murderball” I’d forgotten about – have yet to see either and will be having a nice doco-binge this week. Thanks!

Also have to add Not Quite Hollywood to the list: a really eye-opening doco on Ozploitation movies.

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A few recent ones that I remember are…

Vals Im Bashir

The Cove

Good Hair

Waiting For Superman

I also second SuperMouse’s choice of Food Inc. & even though it isn’t as recent as the others, Earthlings is a documentary that I will never forget & should be on everyone’s must watch list.

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I loved Mine, a heartbreaking documentary about pets affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Keep tissues handy while watching.

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I just saw that the link to Food Inc is wrong. Here is the right one.

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20 seconds of joy. really good, about base jumping following one girl who pursues it professionally.

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I really liked Capturing the Friedmans. Still do not know if they are guilty…

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Oh, and The Staircase, did anyone see that?

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I forgot about Crazy Love ! That is one hell of a wild ride! You must see it!!!!

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I always recommend Murderball. It’s several years old now.

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I love BBC’s series “Life” and “Planet Earth”!

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