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How do I view one laptop's harddrive from another laptop?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 7th, 2009

I have a Lenovo with a fried LCD and I’ve borrowed another laptop until I get it fixed. Meantime I’d like to get at some files on the Lenovo. The Lenovo will boot up. Is there an easy way to view files on the Lenovo with my other laptop? USB to USB?

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Put them on the same network and share the drive on the lenovo. Also you can direct-connect if you are running Windows. You can use cables or infra-red, There are instructions under Windows Help.

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I was writing a post about how to do this with SSH, but then @pdworkin posted a much easier solution. Hahaha.

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You may need to change settings on the Lenovo to connect. The “fried LCD” might make that impossible.

If so, you can remove the hard drive and attach it to another computer. The easiest way is using a USB hard drive dock ( examples here: )

Remove the drive before buying anything, it will say something like “IDE” or “SATA”, and the dock has to accommodate whichever you own.

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As for the fried LCD: connect the Lenovo to another screen, or your TV if you have to, to get it functional enough to change whatever settings you need to change. Assuming it has a port where a screen can be plugged in. I don’t know if laptops do.

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Excellent point, Fyrius, most do support an external monitor.

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Try this. USB data transfer cable. If your ailing laptop will boot up, you should be able to use this to see it on another computer, even if you don’t have a network.

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If you aren’t on a shared network, or even near each other, use a remote access utility like Crossloop. Has a free version for both helpees and helpers.

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Never mind above. Answered wrong question. sigh

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