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Best ski/snowboard option near Denver?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) December 7th, 2009 from iPhone

My cousin and I are going to ski and snowboard this Wed. We’re intermediates. Should we go to Breckenridge, A-Basin, Keystone, Vail or Beaver Creek? Assuming conditions are equal, what’s the most fun overall?

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Of the ones you mentioned, my favorite is Breck. Many of my friends favor A-Basin, but I hear it is most fun for the above-average skiier. Beaver Creek is said to be too expensive and lacking on number and variety of runs. But I’d go to Winter Park for the Bowl (and most any other reason you could name) any day over those. Plus the train ride up there is beautiful, and an easy trip.

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Ah-ha! A Colorado question I can answer!

The closest, cheapest, and non-crowded option is A-basin. However, it is pretty small and might not be the most fun. Breckenridge and Keystone are great – a lot of options, varying degrees of difficulty, and they are not too much further than A-basin. They are a bit more expensive though. Vail is a half-hour to hour (depending on traffic) further than the others, and will likely be the most crowded place of them all. But, it is crowded for a reason. It is a beautiful mountain with many types of terrain, bowls, and parks. If you plan on staying up there for a few days then Vail is your best bet, because the town is amazing, with lots of activities and places to eat & stay. Vail will be very expensive.
Beaver Creek is the most expensive and least crowded of them all. It is pretty close to Vail, so most people go there instead of paying more for Beaver Creek. The lack of people make Beaver Creek one of the best places to go – wide open runs with similar conditions to Vail. The best day of snowboarding I’ve ever had was at Beaver Creek.

Hope that helps.

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I really enjoy Vail the most. The village is gorgeous as well as the mountain. One of my very best friends works at The Lodge at Vail and it’s really the best resort I’ve ever stayed at, but it is very expensive. If you’re looking for something cheaper I’d go with A-Basin.

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Thanks! We’re going for the day if that helps. She has a season pass to Breck, A-basin and Keystone. The other two are extra. Should have mentioned that in the first place, sorry.

Also bases are 20” and icy, but there will be some powder coming in tonight through Tues.

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I’ve always been a fan of Copper Mountain. It’s not as developed as the others, but it’s where a lot of locals go.

My personal favorite though, was always Eldora. It’s the only ski area where you can smoke a bowl with the ski patrol in the parking lot and nobody looks askance at you.

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Crested Butte.

But if you want real riding without all the bs, go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Simply put, best, most challenging riding in the lower 48.

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Breck is great—I don’t like it as much as Vail, but it’s great.

You must, must must go night skiing at Keystone, though. SO much fun.

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I’m gonna say Keystone. Its one of my favs.

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Alas alack. We canceled last night, and it’s -4 F in the mountains right now (9 a.m.).

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@kevbo is -4 in the city too. Damn cold here.

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Only -4? What, you didn’t pack shorts?

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@kevbo Actually, its even cooler than that. My walk to school this morning was -20 F w/ wind chill. Ouch!

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@andrew, haha! Good one!

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None of the above! Go to Winter Park!!! It’s the best!

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winter park is lame for boarding.

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well I think it’s awesome – especially Mary Jane

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