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Is it possible to put leopard on a pc?

Asked by Randy (11232points) February 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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depends on your processor type…

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But it could be done then?

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It can be done… only if you have an Intel CPU (I think just Core Duos or Core 2 Duos work) and all your hardware is recognized and works with OSX… search Google for “Hackintosh”, that should give you some interesting pages to start looking for it

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exactly. haha…

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In theory, it’s possible. It depends on the specific hardware in your computer, and doing it requires hacking Leopard and violating Apple’s license agreement. It’s also highly unlikely to run as smoothly on a generic computer as it does on Mac hardware.

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also, search for “Hackintosh” on the public wish lists on for a shopping list ready to order.

but then, you dont get the warrantee or any garauntee that it will keep running. And you have a beige box. Just buy the mac.


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I’ve done it (with a hacked version of mac) and it worked a treat (Until it crashed) although my laptop was quite old and could only just run it. If you have a newish computer or one with good specs go for it!
See it here

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I was looking at buying a new Mac, but couldn’t afford it. I pieced a computer together for about $1000 CAD and installed Kalyway OS 10.5. Worked like a charm… kind of. I had to install some patches, and now all that’s giving me a headache is the onboard NIC.

I was inspired by these LifeHacker articles
and, of course, the OSx86 forums.

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Something else to consider would be this

Or what shadling said.

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It is possible. I dont recommend it though also Its illegal but whatever. Now everyone downloads illegal content.

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Using Disk Utility you can turn your leopard disk into a DMG then patch it with the needed patch (i cant remember the name of the patch) then re-burn it and install

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Apple are currently suing a company that are putting Leopard on PCs (Psystar). They build systems more powerful than the Mac equivalent and sell them for cheaper so Apple aren’t happy.,1000000121,39482897,00.htm

Psystar site:

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