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What is the proper formal address for a juris doctorate?

Asked by will (104points) December 8th, 2009

If I’m writing a formal letter to someone who holds a juris doctorate, what’s the proper formatting?

Google seems to think I should address it to “Lawrence Lessig, Esq.”, and use “Dear Atty. Lessig,” as the salutation.

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Google is correct.

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That sounds right to me.

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Just seeing that @stratman37‘s response to this question was removed made me laugh.

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They’ve got it in for me today…

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all I said was: “Dear Dude,”

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Hey, Shylock!

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A juris doctor is not necessarily an attorney. You receive your J.D. when you graduate from law school. To become an attorney, you must pass the bar exam and be admitted to the bar through a certification process.

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Most JDs prefer to avoid the title problems. They leave the phony Dr. titles to those with education degrees. Just use Mr. and all will be well.

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