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Did anyone have breast augmentation through the nipples or would you recommend incisions right under the breast?

Asked by StupidGirl (906points) December 11th, 2009

You know…

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Ahhh.. it was a lonely, orphan question anyway. I gave it some life.

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My daughter had breast aumentation surgery, and they went under the breast. She is very happy with it, and says there is no scarring. She is quite self-obsessed, and would complain if she didn’t like it just a little.

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Hey @filmfann fancy meeting you here. Come to these boobie questions often? ;-)

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If my woman was going to have breast augmentation I woulld prefer her getting it through the arm pit.

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@ChazMaz I’ve been told that is the most risky way because the nerves to the nipples pass on the sides of the breasts. Damaging those leads to loss of sensation in the nipples and I definitely want to avoid that!

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I have heard people complain about lack of erotic response in the nipples post-surgery. That would seem to me to be a not-inconsiderable loss, although you may not mind.

My reaction just as a man is that natural breasts are far more attractive than augmented breasts.

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“natural breasts are far more attractive than augmented breasts”

@pdworkin – I am with you on that on.

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I’ve heard they can do it through the belly button, if you use saline implants. Then there’s no visible scarring at all! Might want to look into that.

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i had implants 1 month ago and i went under the breast, the scar is very small and not where it could be noticed. i hear from people i know that theyve had permanant numbness when going thru the nipple. and i hear the pain is real bad

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Sweet holy moly, through the nipple is better but still detectible to mature guys with experience, the horny horndog might be fooled. And if the scar don’t give it away the shape will….....

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