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What could be the damage caused to a person who had brain stroke?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) January 28th, 2011

Sorry for the heavy question perhaps. My dad got this morning stroke and was hospitalized in serious condition in intensive care. He had surgery, took blood shark. I Do not know what the extent of the brain but it’s on the left. Now he is unconscious for 48 hours and only after that they will try to wake him.

Why should I expect? What might happen to him next? I’m worried and afraid for his life :-(

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It depends what parts of the brain were affected. A stroke can affect mobility, speech and thought. The meidcal profession is more and more effective with treatment and therapy for stroke victims and many regain functioning. I am sorry this is happening to you and wish you the best of outcomes!

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As @janbb says as far as I’m aware it really depends on where abouts in the brain the haemorrhage is. An absolutely amazing book by Jill Bolte Taylor Stroke of Insight, speaks about her own stroke on the left side of her brain and gives a lot of hope for stroke sufferers and it really is truly inspiring. You might also like to check out this TED Talk by her I wish him all the best and obviously a speedy and full recovery – it is possible!. Much love, thoughts and hugs being sent your way xxxxxxxx

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It really depends on how extensive the damage is/was.

My father recently had a stroke due to a clogged carotid artery. Fortunately, it was mild and they were able to clear out his artery and he is expected to make a full recovery with perhaps a very small diminished function in his right hand. It is my sincere hope that your father fairs as well.

If the stroke was on the left side of his brain, it will be the right side of his body that will experience any motor function difficulties. So as far as motor skills are concerned you can expect anything from minor loss of function on the left side to, I’m sorry to say, major paralysis.

As far as cognitive function goes, once again, it really depends on how bad the stroke was.

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The location and intensity of the stroke are factors in the damage it causes. I found this very helpful link at EHow that might help answer questions and perhaps give you some questions to ask the doctors.

Best wishes for a good outcome for your dad.

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As soon as the stroke is over the victim begins a process of recovery. To what degree thay will recover and how long it will take no one will yet know. Good luck to you and to your father is all I can say and try not to worry about what might be.

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My father had several TIAs (ministrokes). In each case, he recovered from the damage in a few weeks or months. The new field of neuroplasticity gives new hope to stroke victims. Scientists have confirmed only recently that the brain has the capability, with the proper stimulation, to reorganize itself and form new neural connections. That’s why rehabilitation and therapy immediately after the stroke are so important.

There are several recent books on this fascinating topic. You might check out the ones by Norman Doidge and Sharon Begley.

Let’s hope that this is minor and he makes a full recovery.

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Speaking of worry… I saw a good quote today about worry.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

So, don’t let worry sap you of the strength you need for your family. (We’re going though something similar right now, so I’m telling you what I’m telling myself right now.)

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Sorry to hear this news. As people have said, it is hard to know, it depends on what part of the brain it is, and for how long the areas of the brain were deprived of oxygen. My thoughts are with you. I hope he is able to make a full recovery.

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My son had a severe stroke three years ago at age 45. He has lost all feeling in the left half of his body, and his memory is like swiss cheese. His recovery has been much better than expected. The doctors originally said to start funeral arrangements. He has exceeded predictions in walking, talking and other abilities, but still has a long way to go.

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Just want to update you all, I feel like I’m talking with real friends and Fluther is indeed my favorrite site, feels like home to me.

We are now one week after. MY dad had a severe brain stroke and difficult on the left side of his brain. It affects the right side completely paralyzed at the moment. Only the left side reacts. He can not speak and only respond to us with his eyes. Only recently he started to drink and eat. The situation is still difficult. He wakes up a few seconds and fell asleep again.

We don’t know if he ever could speek again or walk, but we try to stay positive.

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Thank you so much for updating us.

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Hey, update: Today I noticed strange movements on the right foot of my father. I do not know whether this is just any body’s natural reflexes or any sign of life out their. How can I know?

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@Ranimi23 I’m not a doctor but that’s sounds like good news to me…any progress is progress surely? Do keep us updated…I hope for more movement for you xxxx Lots of love xxx

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