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In the future humanity will (hopefully) have many great achievements. If you could come back from the dead to witness one of these achievements which would it be?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) December 11th, 2009

Many great things humanity may achieve might not be in your lifetime. Suppose you could come back from the dead to witness a milestone in human history which would you choose? Here’s the catch:
-You are only granted a 48 hour pass
-You cannot change anything or talk to anyone only observe
-You cannot return as a zombie and start eating peoples brains (unless your choice is to return to see a zombie apocolypse…if you consider that a great human achievement)

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the world ending.

because if i cant talk.. nothing else is worth seeing

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Blissful equality for all. My dead ass will be waiting a long time for that though.

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The cessation of suffering in all of it’s forms.

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Oh, I want to be able to play too! I want to be there when they download memories and personalities onto nice, redundant, safe computers, and I want mine in there, too.

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When the last king is hanged with the entrails of the last priest.

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Well, hell. I guess you mentioned it in your Q. Coming back from the dead would be pretty darn cool, I suppose. (Not like in a Hitchcock or Bela Lugosi way, though…)

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I have an Autistic young Adult. I pray daily for a cure. I like to see him cured .

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@ragingloli I LOVE that answer! You must know this quote from Robert Buchanan—or enjoy it if you don’t know it already, from “The New Rome”

The gods are dead, but in their name
Humanity is sold to shame,
While (then as now!) the tinsel’d Priest
Sitteth with robbers at the feast,
Blesses the laden blood-stain’d board,
Weaves garlands round the butcher’s sword,
And poureth freely (now as then)
The sacramental blood of Men!

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The re-animation of all the people that have been frozen.
Them believing/hoping that one day they will be able to be brought back to life.

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At the risk of sounding like a Beauty Pageant Contestant : World Peace.

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Lurve to all the new faces. Welcome to fluther.
I would like to witness first contact with an alien race, where we exchange information about technology and cultures. Yes, I suspect some of you think this has already happened.

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Living sustainably with the earth!

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@Merriment I had exactly the same thought and phraseology.

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@Merriment It’s okay, though, if you are a beauty pageant contestant.

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In the 48 hours that I would be given, I would have to come back in a time where there would be Technological advances and Philosophical advances working together as one. Where they would help one another to travel the many types of galaxies and planets in them and be able to notice that I was there, even though I could not speak, they would be able to understand what I’d want to see and even the common peoples would notice that I had come back. that in itself would be a marvel that they would understand to be truly celestial, and they would try to figure out the cause and reason behind it and they would be able to keep me there permanently.

Thus creating immortality, thus becoming true Gods.

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I would like to come back to see people (in the plural) taking responsibility for things they have done instead of blaming it on [insert excuse here]. That in itself would probably go a long way towards universal peace and understanding. I would like to see 48 hours of peace.

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@janbb -lol, thanks I could see me sniffling, wearing an evening gown and LOTS of mascara :)
@CyanoticWasp – thanks but they called and said they didn’t need me this year….and next year doesn’t look good either! :)

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