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Do you think auto insurance companies treat injured people fairly and have you ever known an insurance company to behave dishonestly?

Asked by empower (192points) December 11th, 2009

Do Insurance companies companies and doctors that work for them have too much power and too little accountability or have they been wonderfully fair to you

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Good heavens, yes! Even your own insurer can behave bdaly. After an auto accident, our insurance company required us to take a medical exam by their doctor.

The insurance company of the offending party (who rear ended us on the freeway) tried to pay us nothing.

Their goal is to pay out as little as possible.

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MOST insurance companies WILL treat anyone filing a claim badly .. even if it ios their own client.

They don’t mind collecting those high premiums; BUT file a claim from your hospital bed and they act like you don’t exist…

They have claims adjusters who are PAID to keep the ammounts paid out in claims to a bare minimum . So; they do everything they can to dispute your claim etc .

However; you can be assured that when that premium is due; they will be looking for the payment .

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What do you think would be good solutions to even out the playing field?

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I don’t really think there are any real solutions . The insurance companies are what they are.

The thing is to hold in and FIGHT for your claim and not to give in the first two or three times the adjuster tells you “This is All you’ll get” .. usually NOT true !!

I’ve ended up with double what the adjuster told me I’d get… It takes awhile; BUT worth it.

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