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Asked by HighShaman (3045points) December 11th, 2009

….. Such as the HAARP Project ? Philadelphia Experment ? Montauk Project ? Kennedy Assination? 911 was an INSIDE Job ? Pearl Harbor cover Up ‘n MORE ?

These CAN be Googled and some are even on U-Tube with Pictures !! Awesome what can happen when citizens put their Trust in the Government and their Heads in the sand .

Don’t get me wrong; I love my country and have fought for and served it well… it is “certain leaders” and the Power that is kept hidden from us that I object to…

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Oh I believe in ‘em….you betcha…just can’t prove any of ‘em.

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Not in most, but I do believe that proper spelling is a virtue.

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They want you to believe in them…

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I believe in not capitalizing random words.

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You believe that a transparent Government would be more effective at running your country? I don’t believe that.

Most conspiracy theories are just too contradictory and lack enough credible evidence to be supported. It’s a bit like a religion really.

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Just like George Carlin once said: “I got this moron thing that I do, it’s called THINKING!?!?! and I’m not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions!
…. First of all, I don’t believe anything the government tells me! NOTHING! ‘O’, ZERO!!! nope!!”

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Do I believe our government has done, and continues to do evil, illegal, unethical, and/or stupid things in secret? Yes. Do I believe in conspiracy fantasies? No. Most of the horrible secrets our government has kept in the past are now matters of public record and historical fact. The likelihood of the government successfully hiding some huge conspiracy long term is pretty much zero. The more people who know about something, the harder it is to keep secret.

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@archaeopteryx So you don’t believe in anything the conspiracy theorists tell you either? Good man!

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@anon where did I mention that..?

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I’m sure there are, but I think that their characterization by the public is often blown out of proportion, exaggerated or outright made up, since I notice that many governmental conspiracies seem to be founded on personal opinion and political viewpoints, rather than logic.

Of course, I most certainly don’t doubt the crooked ways of those in power.


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@archaeopteryx That is just what I assumed from your post. It suggested that you prefer to form your own opinions and think for yourself. Rather than simply listen to half-truths and crazy ramblings… ;)

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@anon Well, yes, I don’t like to directly believe in everything told to me until I find strong evidence that backs it up. However, I keep listening to people like Alex Jones from time to time, and somehow a lot of what he says just seems to make sense to me.

Though note: I said: “a lot of, not “all of”, and by “a lot of” I meant stuff like The Secrets of the Bohemian Grove, Global Warming, NWO. Illuminati, etc.

Though I prefer to take stuff like Project HAARP with a grain of salt for now because I still don’t have much evidence about them.

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Very much so, but who is going to go up against these people? Nothing can be proved at any level. I mean who exactly is supposed to get prosecuted? This government is huge.

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Have you been watching Jesse Ventura?

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The main and ultimate way to fight back against them is to simply “Free Your Mind”.

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Umm.. no, actually I haven’t watched him yet, but I will do that soon.

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I heard the government invented AIDS and Obama is actually a space alien who collabortated with Clinton to make those blue things in the sky above Norway (or where ever it was) but that was all a distraction so Canada could take New Zealand and have it be ruled by those white house party crashers. But it might be a rumor.

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I was just about to say…someone’s been watching too much Jesse Ventura.

None of these conspiracy theories can be proven and so no, I don’t believe them. Yes the government can do bad things, we all know that, but to have huge “conspiracies” It wouldn’t happen. Nowadays, everything gets leaked with all the security, camera phones, technology, etc. I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that such a conspiracy could even start without someone being tipped off and then the media would broadcast it.

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February 1942 – The Battle of Los Angeles. Several unknown objects are sighted over Los Angeles and triggers a massive anti-aircraft barrage. 1500 rounds are fired with some direct hits and no effect to the target (and 3 civilian casualties). That’s one tough ‘weather balloon’.

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Well, considering that the vast majority of people in government are hardly any smarter than I am, keep secrets no better than I would and are no less human, the idea that there’s some vast shadowy evil genius of a government cabal doing all sorts of crazy stuff and being out to keep their jackboot in my face, forever!!!, Orwell-style? Nah. All that stuff comes out in the wash. You can’t hide a real conspiracy forever.

People doing stupid cover-ups because they fucked up somewhere down the line by being greedy or putting their willy in the wrong hole, either in actual fact or metaphorically? That I believe happens all the time!

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I believe a lot of the conspiracies are put together by the government to keep us from looking at some thing else

look at the whole global warming conspiracy it was all a plot put in place decades before to create a world wide tax based on carbon that we have no control over

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I believe in ‘em.
Bilderberg. Bohemian Grove. NWO. Transcontinetal Highway.

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@aprilsimnel I loved that answer. You said it! (That was you, right? Not someone from the government posing as you? Hello? Are you there? Who’s out there!?)

Anyway… yeah.

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I believe some, not all.

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”...their ships were far superior to ours, both in size and technology – Boy, were they big!....and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.” -Neil Armstrong

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Jessee Ventura will tackle the “Global Warming” this coming Wednesday on TRU TV when “Conspiracy Theory” returns with a brand new episode…

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