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Do all food service establishments have bug problems?

Asked by jca (35968points) December 12th, 2009

i was just in my favorite coffee and bagel shop this morning. it’s a great place, bagels made there, good coffee, lots of locals. when i was at the counter ordering i was gazing into the case to tempt myself, looking at the pastries and baked goods. on a tray of cookies i saw a baby roach. i looked closely at it to make sure it was indeed a roach. i then told the lady serving me and she removed the tray and the bug, and put the tray back.

this was a little unsettling, and as i sat at the table having my food, i started thinking about past stories people have told me about bugs at eating establishments. i have a friend who did pest control who told me if you see a roach in the daytime, the place has a bad problem.

do all food service establishments have roaches (or for that matter, mice or rats?)? has anyone experience with this subject?

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I don’t think that’s the way it’s supposed to be, atleast I never experienced it

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There’s this place I used to go for pretty decent coffee (better than your average Starbucks) until I found a tiny (well, sizeable enough) roach in my iced coffee.

Been a little scared to go back after that.

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I worked in restaurants for 12 years, and I knew of only one temporary roach problem.

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definitely not – i worked in fast food all through high school and never saw any roaches

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as a refrigeration tech,i usually move kitchen equipment to work on it.i find everything you can think of and more,there are no exception every type of restaurant.

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If they’re under suspicion, yes.

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Hopefully not the ones I eat at.

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Roach on a tray? Not cool.

A lot of restaurants have bug issues at one point or another, but if they take preventative methods, then they can hopefully avoid any type of infestation.

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Depends on where you live. NYC? Definitely.

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They are not supposed to, and with regular deep cleaning, the bugs can be kept at bay. If the restaurant inspectors find any they will remove or reduce the license until the matter is resolved.

As for bugs under the equipment – this is also the result of poor management. All areas should be steam cleaned on a regular basis.

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I sell chemicals to the hospitality industry and can assure you that the vast majority of places don’t have infestations. That said, every place could have a problem but most take care of the situation before the bugs and rodents can come in the door.

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