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What do you consider funny that others do not?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) December 12th, 2009

What do you think is hilarious that most folks simply don’t get?

Better yet, what do you find funny that others find offensive?

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Lot’s of things… I have a very snarky sense of humor that only a certain kind of person appreciates.

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I like things that are as far away from mainstream and politically correct as possible.

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Grammatical errors that completely change the meaning of what the person intended to say. I’m a dork.

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Car crashes.

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@juwhite1 you mean like if someone is talking about the pineal gland, but spell it penile? haha

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@Axemusica Exactly! Hilarious! People also always get prostate and prostrate backwards. Makes for some funny conversations (but I have to do all my laughing inside).

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Itchy and Scratchy

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many things – grammar, religion (not in general just some things my fiance’s grandma says makes me chuckle – i still respect religion and all that), people’s misfortunes…..
I have a Dane Cook meets George Carlin meets Ron White sense of humor

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@eternal_serenity . . . you do know that Ron White and George Carlin would team up together and beat Dane Cook’s ass, right?

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@eternal_serenity I wasn’t even aware that George Carlin and Dane Cook ever meet at any time anywhere.

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hahaha i know they are completely different but both crack me up

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i have to admit dane cook can get annoying but some of his stuff is hilarious
george carlin can do no wrong in my eyes hahaha
also i love mitch hedberg
thanks guys for inspiring a new question lmao

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@jonsblond . . . you know me sooo well. you are the best.

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I find South Park funny and yet all of my friends don’t. :(

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My own jokes :(

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I used to think South Park was annoying but when I gave it a chance it cracked me up

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There are things that are still funny to me that most people have gotten over.

For example, the whole step on rake then the handle smacks you in the face routine.
Also someone carrying a board, turns around, and knocks over the unsuspecting person behind them.

Ah, slapstick, still gets me every time. :)

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BBC’s “The Office”
with Ricky Gervais

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@Sebulba Everyone loves Ricky Gervaise!

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I find ironic music to be hysterical. Like this mashup of Miley Cyrus and Biggie. How is it not hysterical to have Biggie rapping over Miley’s ridiculous pop song? Ahahahaha, gets me every time.

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Ass Cracks!

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I don’t know if I can talk about everyone, but I find humor in a lot of things my husband doesn’t. Like one time we were driving on a very busy six lane street, I had my window down and suddenly felt what I thought was a bug near my neck. I freaked out, grabbed the “insect” and threw it out the window practially screaming, But you have to imagine it in slow motion, because as I released the bug from my fingertips, out the window, I became aware of how smooth it was and at the last second caught a glimpse of it as it left the car. It had been my earing! I turned to my husband and said, “crap I think it was my earing, I just threw one of my favorite earings out onto the street!” He was kind of pissed, calling me an idiot for being so crazy about insect that I could do such an idiotic thing. I just turned to him and said, “you don’t realize it yet, but this is a funny story.”

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Apparently, this SNL sketch.

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When people gag at a bad smell.

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Kudos to anyone who thinks this is funny. I think it’s hilarious.

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dead baby jokes

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I think watching people try to figure out the self-checkout lanes at the store can be pretty funny. It’s like they’re afraid the thing will blow up or something.

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When bad people get what’s coming to them and seeing the expression on their face when it happens. Makes me want to go out and spend 1000’s of dollars on myself. I just don’t have it yet.

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@JLeslie LOL4RL!!!
I like Monty Python &find it amusing to watch people who don’t get it (my dad didn’t!). I like Three Stooges, which I guess women are supposed to hate. I saw Men in Black in the theater, & when Zed says, “You’re everything we’ve come to expect from years of government training” I was the only person in the whole place who laughed! It’s still one of my favorite lines.

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Farting in public, then looking at some stranger next to you and say Ewwwwwww real loud. Everyone will think it was them, not you.

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The movie Independence Day.
the TV show “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong”
George W. (Come on people, it’s Performance Art!)
Standing in an elevator, talking about how contagious your disease is.

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@Blondesjon btw, I love that you put Andy Kaufman in your topics.

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Eric Cartman is my hero, he is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
dead baby jokes comes in second
then stupid people getting hurt

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@coffeenut I had forgotten about those!! Eww! ;-)

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I like dark humor.
I like fart jokes… Pull my finger.
I like stupid humor.

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I have to stifle nervous giggles when someone is getting crazy mad. And if they are crazy mad at me it’s even worse.

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@JLeslie ROFLMAO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha! Oh! I did appreciate that one. I can relate!

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@azlotto I find that hilarious too. People gagging. I don’t know why, but I laugh so hard I cry when I see that.

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Glad that story was so entertaining for so many :). I should let you know that a few weeks later my husband suprised me by buying a similar pair of earings to replace the one I had thrown out the window. He should get credit for that.

@AnnieB what does the ROF stand for in ROFLMAO?? I haven’t heard/seen that before.

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Rolling on the floor

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lmao= laughing my ass off
rofl = rolling on floor laughing

others you might see include: roffle copter, lulz, lulcat, ROFLMAO, LMFAO, LMGDAO

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@Xilas no, no, no. They are ROFLCOPTER (just pronounced roffle, not spelled as such) and lolcats. lulz are seperate. and LMDAO nevery really caught on so you might consider avoiding it…

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@JLeslie ROF=Rolling On Floor

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On FB, I posted a link to video of Our Gang/The Little Rascals and not one of my pals thought it was funny.

Here’s the one I posted. And here’s another one that’s of George “Spanky” McFarland. I have yet to see another 3-year-old who had his comedic chops.

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@dalepetrie Lol, I was just thinking about how bad that sketch was! Funny you should mention it! :)

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another one for dead baby jokes.

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I find many, many things funny that others do not. Here is a story from the 6th grade: The unpopular old teacher across the hall didn’t show up for school for a few days, and it was discovered that he’d passed away. When the principal announced his death in the daily public address, he asked for a moment of silence. It occurred to me that the late teacher’s students were the unruliest kids in the school, and now they were going to be silent for the first time in a year. I cracked up during the moment of silence, about which they threatened me because they thought I was laughing about the man’s death — dumbasses didn’t get what I thought was funny at all.

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There isn’t a whole lot in this life that I can’t find funny at some point, or in some way.

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@aprilsimnel You need new friends! I’ll watch a marathon with you. For you.

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@jonsblond – That pop gun bit with Petey in the Spanky clip? That was his audition reel. It was so good, Hal Roach released it within weeks!

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My jokes, especially here on Fluther, but I’m not the only one with that problem.

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I’m the kind of guy that will laugh at any joke no matter how funny it is. Anybody saying anything is like them tickling me and I WILL laugh, no matter how stupid and not funny the joke is.

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The military dolphins with lasers attached to their heads that escaped during Hurricane Katrina and wandered around the Mississippi Delta.

My housemate thinks I’m an asshole for finding the image of people on their rooftops looking out over miles of high, high water, and seeing a dolphin with a laser swim by hilarious.

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I find it funny when someone takes 5 hours, trying to explain something to someone, and a person next to them explains it in 5 seconds.

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I feel like not all people get the humor of Quentin Tarantino, whose films I find hilarious. Not a big fan of the blood and guts, but the dialogue and absurd characters get me every time. For example, I found Christopher Waltz absolutely hilarious in Inglourious Basterds, and I laughed all the way through Pulp Fiction. Same goes for the Coen Brothers…

I feel like a lot of Flutherites are with me on this, but mainstream America? Maybe not as much?

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