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What is the most recent extremely stupid thing you did while distracted on Fluther?

Asked by juwhite1 (2971points) December 12th, 2009

For example, I just started a fire on my stove by boiling a pot of water to add some humidity to the air with some festive spices added to it (might as well make it pot pouri). I forgot about it, all the water boiled out, the cinnamon and cloves caught on fire, and now my house stinks and I have to air it out, letting the dry air outside invade my house. The goal of humid air that smells nice is now really smelly air that is dry.

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I just two seconds ago poured half a cup of coffee down the front of my shirt.

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Earlier this morning a big glob of jelly fell off my bagel onto my laptop keyboard while I was reading a question.

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@gradyjones How appropriate! Jelly… Fluther…

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@juwhite1 HA! HA! That’s funny, I didn’t even think of that!

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Let my sandwich rest on my lap and the dog grabbed it and ran .

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Did not do any work.

Wait!... I do that every day.

Curse you Fluther!

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Got distracted while Fluthering on my iPhone and caused a 6 car pile-up on the Parkway. Just kidding but it is possible.

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@dukeG ROFLMAO!!! You kill me! (((HUGS))) hun!

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Well I must say nothing as of yet. But GIVE ME TIME I will screw up somehow! hahaha!

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@gradyjones hahahahaha!!!!!

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@janbb Excellent!! I like humor and that one gave me a good laugh! Not for the drivers of the 6 other cars though. hahahaha!

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Well I was going back and forth between the Flutter chat and booking a flight with US Air. Well I made the reservation from Jax not MCO and I cost myself $150 to change it.

That is stupid and costly!

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@dukeG I love it!!! You poor thing.

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@Cognition That’s a shame .. but easy to do! Sorry that happened!!

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I was sitting here trying to figure this out, goofed up on it and yelled out!! My husband ran in wondering what the heck was wrong!!

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I was browsing and letting my young son play right in front of me. I heard him making some noise, but figured he was just stacking legos or something. I look over and he had completely taken apart his piano…key by key. I swear it wasn’t even 5 minutes that I hadn’t looked up. what the hell was I thinking lol

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spit milk in my keyboard – from laughter

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My cat likes to sleep on the top shelf of the computer desk and earlier she kinda slipped off in her sleep. I tried to catch her but she spazzed out, scratched the heck outta my wrist and hand, knocked over a cup of hot cocoa all over my lap and managed to throw the mouse across the room. It wasnt her fault, it scared her. But next time, I aint going to try to catch her!

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I missed my mouth and poured powered hot chocolate mix all over my face.

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Lit the filter end of my cigarette. Of course I was a bit drunk and jet lagged too.

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I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at a certain time every day. It’s my way of reminding myself to take my birth control pill. When it went off, I pressed ‘alarm off’ then completely forgot about it because I was Fluthering. I’ll be doubling up tomorrow.

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Confused the bathroom and kitchen and peed in the dishwasher.

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I was flipping between Fluther and a poker game and I went back to poker at one point and inadvertently folded pocket Aces with an ace on the flop. Cost? About $2,000.

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