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Do you think that Christmas has become too capitalized?

Asked by Maximillian (948points) December 12th, 2009

Have you ever thought that Christmastime has become too…commercial? Ok, I know some of you out there don’t believe in Jesus and His birth, or whatever. Christmas is, though, supposed to be about charity and the “spirit” of family and peace and all that. But it feels as if that everything is now about buying things and being crazy with the bills. Do you think that Christmas has become too capitalized?

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I do think so.

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Are you sure you mean capitalized? Doesn’t that mean too much capital C on the word Christmas. Maybe you mean too comercialized – too much about buying things.

And no, I don’t. I don’t celebrate the religious part of Giftmas, so I don’t really view it as a religious holiday. I am more interested in the Yule Celebration that Christmas (or Capital Xmas if you prefer) is based on.

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Remember in that movie “Miracle on 34th Street” (the original) when Alfred and Kris Kringle are talking about “the commercialization of Christmas” and how much they hate it? This question reminds me of that. What’s ironic about that scene is that it occurs within a movie that makes money off of Christmas. The message contradicts the medium that’s delivering it.

To answer the question: just because commercials on television say one thing doesn’t mean you have to buy into it. Each person has their own definition of what a holiday is about. You don’t have to let corporate america dictate what Christmas is to you.

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