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Do you tip at fast food restaurants?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) February 24th, 2008

Or movie theaters ect.

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Not if I pick up the food at a counter, but if Im seated and its brought to me then I do.

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I think you mean like in the bucket they have for tips, so my answer would be; when I don’t feel like carrying around my change.

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sorry to say no i dont tip.. most fast food places i visit, I either drive through or just stand at teh counter , order and pick up my food. personally like it was said earlier, unless I sit down and am brought food I dont tip

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@charlie- boo.

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The reason I ask is I work at a movie theater behind the concession stand and on some nights can get quite a few tips. I didn’t know if this was a normal thing or not.

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daniel your good personality and friendly smile probably generate the tips – fast food workers often get robotic with experience and customers respond accordingly (no tip)

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That makes sense I suppose. That’s how most of our workers are at my theater, robotic.

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They probably deserve it the most but NO.

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wow! I serve tables, and so sometimes if a “fast food” server goes out of their way to be nice, I will tip. Tipping in a “sit down” place is different bcuz you expect a certian level of “service” bcuz that is what you come for. Most people decide what they will/won’t tip before they even meet their server. Others tip according to the bill percentage, others on service or a combination of all those factors. “fast food” employees are also usually paid minimum wage/hour. Most waiters/waitress are paid under 3/hour. You’d be surprised what people do for great service, no matter what it envolves. And smiling is a huge factor :) people can tell when you don’t want to be working. Sorry this was a long anwser

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I didn’t even realize ppl did that?? I’ve worked in fast food for 2 years and never been tipped… & I’m plenty pleasant. I heard you’re supposed to tip any & all service workers tho, because they’re working for you… I wish more ppl would get on that train.

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