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What is the function of "my fluther"?

Asked by bobbinhood (5898points) December 13th, 2009

I checked out the “What is ‘your fluther’?” in the FAQs, and then I added a few people. But I don’t see how anything has changed since I added them. The last part of the answer in the FAQs says, “By creating your own fluther, you can filter the whole site based on people you’ve hand–picked: it’s guaranteed to be fascinating!” However, I can’t figure out how my fluther actually filters the site. Everything looks the same now as it did before I had a fluther.

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Shows questions asked by people who you are following (added to your fluther)

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I believe that the people you put in “your fluther” will be the only questions you see, if you click on that feature.

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To show who is in your “crew”

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@pjanaway That’s what the FAQs said. However, I can’t find where it actually shows those questions/answers. Can you enlighten me?

@skfinkel Where is that feature? I haven’t found a place to click on it.

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If you’re coming from AnswerBag, it’s like a friend list… or so I’ve heard.

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Go to the homepage, and where it says, ‘Browse:’ right below “Have a question?” it says, ‘all’, ‘your fluther’, and ‘just for you’. Click ‘your fluther’. :)

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@Laina Brilliant! That’s exactly what I was looking for. :) I feel a little silly for not seeing that myself, but that’s ok. Thank you.
Your avatar is adorable.

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Thought the fluther was the little gland that keeps you from farting in church – some people were born without one and not hard to find them

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It also allows you to send a question to your friends more easily. Click “Send to a friend” just under the question description. It will autocomplete from your fluther. If you have any suggestions for more things we can do with your fluther, click contact at the top and send us your idea!

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@timtrueman Thank you. That’s good to know. I actually think I’m going to like that feature a lot. Are you one of the people that answers when we send stuff through “contact”?

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@bobbinhood Yes I see those emails, although I may or may not be the person to reply to it. Feel free to suggest things. We’ve got a lot on our plates with just three developers but sometimes we’ll implement suggested features quickly like this one (see star next to each award you’ve achieved on the awards page). You’re welcome to reach out to me but you’ll get a faster response and everyone will see things if you use the contact form.

And anytime you see a question and you know an expert who could give a great answer, definitely send the question to them! If they’re on Fluther it will show up in their “Questions for you” with a special attribution saying it which jelly sent it to you.

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