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What's up with my eggs?

Asked by Capt_Bloth (2703points) December 13th, 2009

I moved to New Jersey about 5 months ago. Funny thing I noticed, all the eggs in this state suck. I have tried local eggs, Land O Lakes eggs, Green Way eggs, Horizon eggs, eggs from many, many grocery stores…. the list goes on. The problem is always the same, flavorless eggs. Has anyone else had this problem? Can you recommend a good place to get eggs in Jersey City? Does anyone know why my eggs suck? Is it just me, am I crazy?

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You live in Jersey City? Poor thing…

I’ve lived in Jersey most of my life, except for the 6 years I lived in Michigan as a kid… and I like our eggs just fine. I don’t think they’re flavorless… I think they taste like… eggs. I think I would be frightened if I went elsewhere and ate eggs that didn’t taste like… eggs.

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Exactly, I’m disturbed by Jersey eggs.

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@Capt_Bloth: Well, for instance, I noticed that Arby’s tastes so much better in Michigan than it does in Jersey, which I attribute to our ban on trans fats. Maybe where you moved from, your chickens had feed with trans fats in it… that seems to be the reason why everything else here seems to taste just a bit different than it used to… why stop at chicken feed? :P

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I have never even been to NJ before but if I ever go, I’ll be sure not to order the eggs!

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@poofandmook Good thought, but I lived in NYC before this. They’re on the trans fat bandwagon too, and the eggs were just fine. This is odd because everything else about NYC just sucks I hate the trans fat ban too, live and let live.

@Shatzee nobody visits New Jersey. :p

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@Capt_Bloth: Now I definitely think it’s you and not the eggs. My ex lived in Queens and his eggs tasted exactly like our eggs. LOL

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@poofandmook Wait, why would it be him? I’m confuzzled. If he thinks NYC eggs were ok but NJ eggs taste like styrofoam, then how could it just be him? His taste buds don’t go dormant once we go through the Holland Tunnel :oP

And, I gotta back you up, Captain. They are just plain tasteless. But I’ve also had tsteless eggs elsewhere, such as in Manhattan. I’m guessing it hinges on something other than NJ versus non-NJ egginess.

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Do flavorless eggs come from flavorless chickens?

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@wildpotato: I was mostly joking about it being him. I’m just saying that eggs don’t seem to taste any different for me, between NYC and NJ.

Though as I sat here and thought about this question more, I of course thought about how I eat eggs. My eggs are always mixed with something… I never eat plain eggs. So you could very well be correct.

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I am a chicken farmer, The eggs flavor comes from what they are fed. My chickens are free ranged chicken. The flavor is so different from any store bought egg. I could never eat another store bought egg again. What goes into the chicken goes into the egg too.

My eggs have a very deep orange yolk, the bright sunny yellow yolks to me..have zero flavor. It could be where ever you were getting your eggs from the producers were feeding their chickens a different feed, quality of feed, or combination of feed.

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@janbb is needed. She knows all about chicken farming in Jersey.

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You can try this website to see if there are farmers within driving distance and but directly from them.

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@buttkisses Thank you! We worked on a farm in Minnesota for a season before coming out to NYC, and the farm eggs were amazing. I’ve gotten many eggs from Denny’s, they also suck. When you break into the yolk, it is bright yellow, and totally flavorless. But the Land O Lakes eggs are brown with orange yolks, we used to eat them in Colorado and they were delicious. I am very suspicious as to what is going on here.

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Interesting… I had some brown eggs that I boiled for egg salad, and I was so turned off by the deep color of the yolk that I couldn’t eat it.

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@Capt Bloth My eggs sound much like the Land O Lake eggs. I have never bought them as lol I have no need any longer. There is a very large free range chicken farm still today that sells their eggs nationally. I wonder if Land O lakes gets their eggs from them perhaps? Something I will look into. I know store bought brown eggs here, have very little difference vs the white. They are just as bright yellow in the yolks. So this leaves me to believe that only organically fed or free range chickens have the deep orange yolks?

Unless they are feeding Land O lakes chickens some really funky feed…LOL

I’ll check on it and get back to ya! =)

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@ Capt Bloth…I was right! They do buy and offer eggs from the free range farm! How very cool!! I bet they cost and arm and a leg. I bet that is the eggs you had…=)

here is the link showing Land O lakes buys from the free range farm..

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@buttkisses I must be crazy, because they taste completely different here. We just went through the Land O Lakes, they were the last we tried because of their price ($5.00 a dozen!) but I do love eggs. I was so disappointed with them, I’m starting to worry it is me and I’ll never get that wonderful eggy goodness again.

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Buy organic free range eggs

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@capt Bloth Land O Lakes also offers an Organic Egg, that is a vegitarian only diet. So it could also be that type of egg that you had. I don’t know what they taste like as I never bought them. So unless you know if they were organic or free range eggs there could be a difference between the two?? LOL Land O lakes sells both types.

I read a very interesting artical about egg production over the last 20 years and how much it has boomed in the US and what is going on with chicken industry in general. I found it very disturbing. It was not about the treatment of the chickens but what is happening to the land, and water. This really shocked me as I had no idea how big the chicken industry had boomed in the south. if you are interested. Makes me wish we went back to the old days when every one had their own flock of chickens…=(

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@buttkisses I will need to check, that sounds very probable.

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they’re probably old and gross and from chickens who stood in one spot their whole life and never walked around and ate shit.

i’ll mail you some of our eggs. i had 2 yesterday morning that were literally right out of the chicken and they were the most delicious and tasty eggs i’ve ever had in my life.

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@deni I don’t like eggs from chickens that eat shit, it’s corn and gravel all the way.

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@Capt Bloth My chickens eat a lot of bugs and grubs and veggies in the summer months ..LOL in the winter I supplement with grains, veggies and corn meal. They are lose in the winter as well but the bugs and grubs are pretty hard to find.

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