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What impact will Tiger Woods indefinite break from the sport have on golf?

Asked by keithold (735points) December 13th, 2009

Will the game become less popular? Or will a new hero or heroes emerge?

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Not much. I read somewhere that most senior citizens who enjoy golf and compose a significant portion of the sport’s fanbase don’t even know who he is.

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All the players who were second will get a chance to be first. I feel kind of sorry for his caddy, tho I wonder how much he knew?

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It will certainly decrease the the golfing audience since Tiger Woods was basically the “main attraction” of golf itself.

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About the same as the impact on the NHL when Gretzky retired. He’ll be in the record books until some new wunderkind comes along.

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Newscasters keep making dire predictions about loss of revenue and loss of audiences etc. but I think people watched golf for a lot of years before Tiger came onto the scene and I don’t think they will stop just because he is not there.

I will say I loved to watch him play, I often didn’t like his petulant attitude though. And now after all this, I don’t think I would feel the same way about him. Anyone can have an affair but wow, he had someone in every port!

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Tiger Woods is the biggest draw in sports (probably because he’s so ridiculously good), so without him I imagine fewer people will be watching golf. It won’t kill the sport or anything, but as @HumourMe said, the man is practically synonymous with name of golf.

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Whereas the competition should be better now.

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Will make a HUGE impact! When Tiger is not playing the ratings for TV drop 50%. With this economy, the PGA tour will really suffer until his return. Tiger is the most recognized sport figure in the World. When he is playing, people all of the World are interested in watching the Tiger! Several tournament this year will barely meet the purse when he is absent. Expect several tournatment to be canceled this year. Also, the winning shares for the players will be decreased. Like him or not, he can play the game of golf!

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About as much as the absence of Michael Jordan on professional basketball.

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@absalom…in the states.

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Sorry, figured that was needless to say.

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@absalom Well, you are right though. He is a pretty awesome player.

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