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What makes him so great?

Asked by Randy (11214points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m talking about the one, the only, Christopher Walken. He’s great in everything he’s in, which coinsidentaly is…well…..everything! Haha, jk. Really though he’s awesome and if you ask why, all I can say is because he is. Anyone else agree and if so why?

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he…...................just is; his, timing, is-everything!

“More champagne?”
“Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription…is more cow bell! I NEED MORE COW BELL BABY!”
Two of my all-time SNL faves-the man is a, genius!

He was great in Pulp fiction and Catch Me if You Can; and the man can dance! (Fatboy Slim’s video for Weapon of Choice).

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He’s turning into more of a novelty than an actor. Same as Chuck Norris, Hasselhoff, etc.

The reason he was so good initially is because the roles he was cast into were so well fit.

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I thought this question was either going to be about Barack Obama or Jesus.

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