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Have you been personally affected by a weather phenomenon?

Asked by ucme (45366points) December 14th, 2009

eg. hurricanes flooding etc

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Not a very good winter person Ucme! I’m an avid golfer and you know the rest of the story. Have a great day!

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I’ve been stuck on I-80 in a white out, I’ve taken shelter from a tornado, countless floods, numerous severe thunderstorms. Though, being a meteorologist, I sort of seek these things out. Except the white out. That was stupid stupid, stupid and it could have gotten really bad, had I not been with two other people. Guys, if the department of transportation tells you to stay off the roads, listen to them. That was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. And we didn’t even do it on purpose. They closed the road right after we were already on it.

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Yes…The wind blew part of my roof off.

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Hurricanes, yes. I don’t live in a place where I have to bear the brunt of a hurricane’s rape force every year, but sometimes it’s bad enough that it makes my parents want to move north for the duration.
Also, flooding occasionally strands me at home, or wherever I happen to be.

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My children were stuck in school overnight when there were flash floods in our area. My husband had to wade through almost chest deep water to reach home and its was terrifying.

At least I knew the kids were dry and safe but I was terrified for my husband’s safety.

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Tornado hit my elementary school when I was 11. We had to run down to the fallout shelter in the basement and we could hear all the windows breaking on the floors above us. It was kind of like being in a Schwarzenegger picture.

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Tornados, flooding, but mostly blizzards. We can go for days without electric, and being unable to leave our home. Living in the mountains has it’s drawbacks. The recent blizzard we had took off parts of my house, knocked over lots of trees and branches. Everything was in cased in ice. Thankfully we heat with firewood and our water supply comes from a near by creek. Generators keep us going. We always have to have a houseful of supplies on hand. Enough to always get by for a few weeks. A snowmobile if we need it. It is miles to the nearest town. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though..=)

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yes a hurricane. our house was saved by inches from being split in two by a large oak tree. we woke up the next morning and went ‘oh my goodness…’ i also was caught biking in the middle of a large thunderstorm. it was probably the coolest thing nature wise i have ever encountered.

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@Talimze You are very lucky to not have the rape force in your area.

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Blizzards, ice storms. Was hit by a typhoon once in Philippines. The ice-fog in Fairbanks AK is a sight to behold.

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