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What's wrong with Photoshop?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) February 26th, 2008

I am running PS CS on OSX Leopard. I use Photoshop pretty much daily, so it’s definitely something new happening. When I go to file browser and click on a folder, photoshop shuts down with an “unexpected” message. The only thing I can think of, is that I ran a bunch of recent software updates including the Leopard update. I would reinstall, but a friend that is MIA lately, has my disc.

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Try to delete PS .pref and relaunch it.

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I had problems with multiple versions of Photoshop unexpectedly quitting on multiple machines after updating to 10.5.2.

I did alot of forum reading to try and correct the problem to no avail. Usually with other apps its some sort of outdated cache file buried deep within the system preferences.

I ended up just re-installing them, which fixed the issue. I know that Adobe stopped supporting software updates for these CS and CS2, but they might still offer technical support for users, hopefully.

Other than that, if you purchased the software, it should be legal for you to to just download the installer via torrents.

Download Photoshop CS Torrent

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