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Britney Spears...tradegy at its best, or just finally finding herself?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone

so what do u guys think of britney I mean if u look at her in the past she was given that image of a sweet perfect girl next door which mostly everyone loved whether they admitted it or not…don’t act like u havnt sang baby one more time at song point in your life LOL anways do you think fame just got to her and she is breaking out of the mold the only way she knows go or do u think she is just a mess for good? I think everyone in there life goes through a wild time and with her career and life path and everything she has had going on I think its just coming out now and will fix itself in time.

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This is one of the many problems with America. People care WAY too much about celebrities and their lives. Seriously who cares if they had a baby or adopted kids from Africa. Can you honestly tell me that what they do will have any effect what so ever on your life?

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It’s the product of being the world’s biggest sex symbol at the age of 16. She’s an American martyr. She sacrificed herself for America’s entertainment. It’s impossible for a person to withstand that and come out normal. They did to Elvis, they did it to Michael Jackson, and they’re acting surprised when they did it to Britney Spears too.

Every single person who buys the magazines with her on the cover or watches the shows with videos or her being swarmed by an army of flashing lights directly contributes to it. Supply & demand.

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Fame has it’s follies and she has fallen into it. Has anyone read the REAL story behind the MOUSEKETTERS of the, what, 60’s? Those kids were a bunch of brats from the word go. Nearly all of them fell into sex,drugs, and booze BEFORE any of them where old enough to be in High School. For Brittiny, she was a teen idol for many young girls but she has lost that now that she has kids and stuff. She’s lost it, the things that made her an idol is gone and she can’t except it. Give her a few more years and no one will remember who she is/was but that is the life of a celebrity. Here today and gone tomarrow. She just has to accept that her lime-light has come and gone, nobody cares much now so get on with life instead of makeing a fool of herself. No one idols what she is now doing.

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