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What are your thoughts on somebody who only leaves the house to go to work or the shops - am I unsociable ?

Asked by YCLYHO (834points) December 15th, 2009

it seems like people are expected to go out and socialise – what if I dont know anybody I want to mix with?

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I thought I asked you not to put my business in the street.

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Maybe you’re unsociable. Whether that’s a problem or not is another question. Are you content not to socialize, or is fear holding you back? Is the only problem that you feel pressure from others to go against your inclinations?

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I’ve been that way my whole life. Never had a problem with it and I’ve never cared what anybody thought about it.

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Well, i will admit that you and i are exact opposites. some people are homebodies and some people are not. my mother is this way. her home is her castle and she rarely leaves it. does this make her a psychotic person? no. i say, whatever floats your boat is okay with me.

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I am the same way and I find it perfectly normal. I am happy and I think that is the key. As long as you are happy then I don’t see the problem with it.

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Not necessarily, you may be just selective in how you socialize. I’m one who doesn’t care for crowds. Not that they’re frightening, but they’re so impersonal. A large party is small talk, a small gathering is interesting conversation. There’s nothing antisocial in choosing where and how you socialize. :)

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I think they are happy with what they already have. I’m like that, I love my home and my family and I enjoy being here more than I enjoy anything else.

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It depends entirely on how you feel about it. There is no requirement for you to socialize.If you don’t feel uncomfortable about it there is no problem. Being asocial is not antisocial. I’ve been that way my entire life (I was disgnosed with Aspergers Syndrome only a few years ago). If you are confortable with your life situation you should not feel any compulsion to act “normal” merely for sake conforming to a perception of society’s expectations.

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If you’re happy living like that, that’s fine. You can don’t have to be a “social butterfly”. Some people just prefer to spend time alone. Maybe you have a really intense job that brings you in contact with lots of people all day. You don’t have to make excuses for how you want to live or justify it. It’s not like you’re a hermit .. you go out… just not a big partier.

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Technically, you are unsociable, because you don’t socialize. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are happy with your life. It is only a problem if you’re lonely or you are so isolated that you have no one to help you when you’re in trouble.

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@ABJustPlainBarb – thanks, you got it right, im dealing with mental health clients all day, its draining, dont get me wrond, i love my job but i do tend to get home and feel ‘all talked out’, all the same i annoy myself that i cant bring myself to do the usual socialising, i get invited, but cant help thinking ‘hmm but you bore me’ lols, and then i just dont go ha!

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Maybe get to know a few more friends.

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Is there anybody with whom you feel close outside your family? I think this is more important than hanging out with a large number of people.

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I’m like that. So is my partner thankfully! I hate going out and I hate socialising. I have no friends and people can’t understand that, but I’m happy and don’t want any.

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@Dibley – thats cool – im thinking maybe youre just very selective, as am i :)

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