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Great fonts (typefaces) with oldstyle figures?

Asked by RedMosquitoMM (539points) December 15th, 2009

I’m looking for free fonts with oldstyle figures (where the numbers sit above or below the baseline). Clean fonts that would be used on documents like a resume, thesis, or simple print layout would be best.

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They have a search window for ya.

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Day Roman is one of my favorites—

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There ya go.

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@grumpyfish thanks for the response. Everybody else, recommendations for any particular fonts?

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here’s all the offline fonts i’ve got. hope its what you’re looking for.

All Caps: Trajan Pro, Caeldera, Birmingham, Lewisham, Optimus Princepts, Ultra Condensed Sans Serif, Roadway, Raconteur,

Art Deco: Smart Frocks, Riesling, Copasetic, Fontasia Clash, Fashion Victim, Nickodemus-Extremus

Underscored: Labtop Overscore, Labtop Underscore, Street Corner, Upper Lane Light

Script & Handwriting: Miama, Scriptina, Harlow Solid, Penstyle, Juergen, PR8 Charade, Aunt Judy, dear Joe,

Others: Santa’s Sleighfull, Qlassik, Summertime

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@Cat4thCB Actually, I was looking for fonts with characters that extend below or below the base line. Good free ones are remarkably hard to find. Thanks though!

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