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Can someone identify this cursive font?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) May 29th, 2012

This is a screen shot of a logo with the cursive font I need. I’m making a website and I really like it! Does anyone know smilar fonts like this? Thick cursive fonts? Thanks!

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Have you tried contacting the logo developer, juliandorado, at the website where he displays this logo?

He might be able to tell you how to license the font, if he’s not the owner / developer, or he might be in a position to license it to you himself.

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Since it’s in a logo, there is a good chance it’s hand drawn by the logo artist. You might pull it up in Photoshop, turn all the background black and crop till only the cursive font and a bit of background shows, enlarge and sharpen so it’s decent sized, then save it to your hard drive and upload a copy to

If it’s any kind of common commercial font, their tool will generally identify it.

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You could try looking at this and try to find it or one that you like. I like ETpro’s answer. One other thing is if you find it not on a picture but on a website look at the source code (page source) and you should be able to identify it. Good luck!

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You could try Identifont. If the person who designed the logo is anything like me, they manipulated the font and possibly used letters from other fonts.

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If you’re interested, there’s a website called where you can turn your handwriting into a font. That would only work if you can draw out what you want yourself though.

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