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How can you get rid of a junk mobile home?

Asked by mellow_girl (872points) December 16th, 2009

My Mom has a mobile home behind her house that she would like to get rid of. It’s junk, there’s not a chance anyone could live in it, she and my step-dad used it for storage. She said she will give it away for free, but the person that wants it must remove it. How should she go about doing this, how do we find a person that would take it, she said someone might want it to tear apart and sell for the metal, etc…

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Craig’s list. But don’t use the extra word “junk” in the title. They will read “Mobile Home” and assume.
jesus h. crhist I will burn. or be caught in a twister in one

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Donate it to a local hunter or boy scout troop. Hunters are always looking for something cheap and beat up to live in on their hunting leases.

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First get rid of anything that might identify it as having belong to you then roll it down hill !!

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I had on old trailer/mobile home on some property that belonged to my Dad. The roof had collapsed and it was uninhabitable. They really aren’t worth much at all, though I don’t know what condition yours is in. It may cost someone more to haul it off and fix it up than it would for someone to buy a decent used one. I looked into having it removed and they wanted 5000$ to take it off the property. I decided to put a stick built house on the property and my builder just chopped the old trailer up with a chainsaw and an axe and burned what he could and hauled off the rest. So, in the end, you might be better off just having it chopped up. There’s a fair amount of junk out there in the world that you just can’t give away, and you may have to accept that. I wish you luck.

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I agree with @anon I’ve used for many years and there is always someone who wants those things.

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Where is it located?

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Park it in a field somewhere. the farmer will crush, and burn it!! Hey Mellow:)

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hey there sir mikey, how’s life treating you?

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I will haul junk from your property.

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My wife has a trailer and mobile home that she needs to dispose of. We've tried all avenues. Is there anyone who has a need and would haul the trailer or mobile home away? They are in need of extensive repairs.

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