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What does it mean to be "stoned" and what's it like?

Asked by brisket (27points) December 17th, 2009

1. What does ‘stoned’ mean?

Does it mean you’re high from smoking marijuana?

Or could it mean some other types of drugs like, say, cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy?

2. What’s it like when you’re stoned?

I always understood it made you feel kind of chill but recently I heard someone say it made them crazy?

Is that normal?

Or does everyone have a different experience of being ‘stoned’?

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It typically refers to being high from weed, yes.

It depends on the person. It could make your relaxed, paradoid, sleepy, hungry, silly, or scared. All depends on how you react.

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Its usually associated with a marijuana high, though it can mean a high from other drugs.

No person has the same effects from marijuana as another person.

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@jackm – Could make you all of them at the same time :)

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Being stoned is like going to this special place on top of a big grassy rock on a cliff over the sea, and you’re just lying on this rock and looking up at the clouds and thinking about how wonderful life is, and then this little muskrat comes up to you with a plate of cookies and says “here, Holden, have one of my magic cookies!” and you’re like “aw, thanks, man!” and you roll over onto your side so you can reach for a cookie, but then you slip off the rock and start falling down towards the sea, and you’re like “woah!” but then you remember that you’re wearing a jet pack, so you activate the jet pack and you start shooting up towards the clouds and then this flying kangaroo catches you in her pouch and you’re like “awesome!” and the kangaroo’s like “no problem, man!” and then she floats you safely back home and then your mom sees you and starts screaming that you’re a good-for-nothing sonofabitch just like your father and kicks you out for the night and you’re like “aw, weak, man!” and you go crash at your best friend’s house.

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@holden Are you a writer? If not, you should be. You would make a very good writer, I think.

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@brisket lol! You flatter me.

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hahaha that explains it Exactly

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@holden It sounds like a psychadelic experience similar to LSD.

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I have friends who claim to hallucinate when they’re high, I know I don’t. I define stoned as different being high. Well sort of. High is what I get from smoking weed, stoned is what I get from smoking a lot of weed. Like two joints to myself, or hitting a grav bong a few times.

My motor functions turn to shit, but I feel really happy. Little things become far more apparent, and things as common as realizing I still have a frozen pizza left in the freezer make me happy to intense degrees. Some people get paranoid, but this doesn’t happen to me, nothing gets me down when I’m stoned, well I do frustrated with myself for having no ability to put the icing on Pastry Strudels.

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@Anon_Jihad You should be happy that you don’t get the paranoia. I had to stop smoking weed for months once I started getting it. And the amount of times smoking since then are few and far between.

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Stoned was actually used to mean drunk long before any other type of high.

Smoking weed makes you feel like you’ve been smoking weed.

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@Blondesjon No it doesn’t.

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@Sampson The paranoia is that bad? Can you describe what it’s like?

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@Sampson I was pretty habitual about it for awhile, I know there was at least a five month period where I didn’t miss a day of hitting an eighth by myself, though I never smoked alone. My cousin and I would float around Rhode Island just turning sacks around keeping our high sustained. But then he went back to finish high school and everyone told me to get a job.

But for all that time I never experienced the numerous negative aspects many people seem to experience. No paranoia while I certainly got the munchies the hunger was never ravenous enough to not be ignorable. I did lose a lot of weight though. Screwed up stuff happened to us occasionally but I was always so stoned I didn’t care, I just kept smiling and all was fine.

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@Anon_Jihad You said “Screwed up stuff happened to us occasionally but I was always so stoned I didn’t care, I just kept smiling and all was fine”. Are you very different when you’re not stoned? Like you care a lot more about screwed up stuff happening to you and get bent out of shape easily? That’s kind of amazing if being stoned makes you – it sounds like – almost immune to suffering!

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@brisket It was racing paranoid thoughts. Over examining everything and interpreting situations in the worst possible way and not being able to stop. It melted down to the thought, “everybody hates me and I’m scum.” Note that this is much more likely (for me, at least) to occur with smoking too much. If you smoke a moderate amount, these thoughts shouldn’t happen.

@Anon_Jihad Like I said, you’re lucky in the smoking arts.

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@Sampson Someone I know has bipolar disorder with schizophrenia and what you’re describing sounds almost exactly like how he describes it when he hears “voices”. The voices always talk negatively about him. He said it was the worst feeling in the world, like someone inside your head who wants you to die. I can understand why you quit.

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@brisket . . . if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

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@brisket . . . it has a direct bearing on what advice i would give you.

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@Blondesjon I’d rather not say

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@brisket . . . fair enough. welcome to fluther.

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Usually stoned means your high on marijuana, but not always.

Whenever I’m under the influence I’m very calm and a lot less guarded, more open.

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I was stoned once.
We played Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
I was metaknight.
I watched other people play while metaknight sat peacefully on a platform until someone asked “who’s meta knight?” and I realized that I had zoned out for about 5 minutes.

So that’s what it’s like, pretty much.

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“almost immune to suffering”
~ Actually that about sums it up. I’m normally a rather emotional person, my mood affected easily by many things. But when I’m stoned I just give a shit, I’ll understand and comprehend that something is bad, but it won’t bother me. For the comfort of those around me who aren’t as lucky, I suggest rolling another blunt to get it off their minds.

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@Anon_Jihad Damn. That sounds awesome!

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@Sarcasm So you go into a kind of foggy haze, not really aware of your surroundings or anything else – not quite asleep but almost?

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@brisket As some are pointing out though, this is not often the case and I’m a bit lucky, if you’re like most other people think carefully before living like I did, many unpleasant scenarios can and likely will unfold.

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@Xann009 That sounds similar to a drunken state. Are ‘drunk’ and ‘stoned’ very similar for you?

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@Anon_Jihad Ok, thanks for the warning. Yes I would be concerned if I had an experience like what @Sampson describes. But I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on what you’ve experienced. That sounds like heaven on earth – life without suffering – OMG.

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@brisket Tunnel vision can happen very easily, I don’t feel tired or groggy while high, but forgetting what I’m doing and stopping to enjoy the scenery or some picture for prolonged periods is very common. Which is why I will never drive under the influence. Most of my friends can, I cannot and will not. Also remember if stoned and you encounter police to any extent, you’re likely to have a freakout even if its entirely irrational to worry about it.

I on the other hand have had only one freakout over anything at all when high, and that was when I was about to put the icing on my hot and toasty Pastry Strudels and the power went out, leaving me in almost absolute darkness. The task was already incredibly difficult with my body functions impaired.

So if you’re going to do it, which I don’t recommend or discourage, remember that as Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”

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Alcohol stoned = drunk = violently hostile

Ganja stoned = buzzed = mellow

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@Kelly_Obrien . . . Not all drunks are violently hostile just as many potheads are not the white, dreadlocked kid that was in you civics class.

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Thanks blondie. It was obviously a picture painted in the broadest of strokes.

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@brisket Actually, yeah. My drunken state is a lot like my stoned state, just a lot less coordinated and a little more foggy. Haha.

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@Kelly_Obrien . . . Not a problem. I actually prefer to mix the two. I call it sleepy time.

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The short answer is that being stoned slows down your perception of time.

The long answer is that it makes you pay attention to things that you normally would not notice. It’s most obvious when you listen to music. It’s almost like the audio equivalent of putting on a pair of eyeglasses—you just hear so much more of the richness and complexity of musical patterns when you’re high.

It also makes a lot of stuff seem funnier. I think this is because a lot of humor is “in the moment,” and since pot affects your sense of time, making stuff more immediate has the added affect of making it funnier.

In general, I find that I have an easier time “holding interest” in movies, TV shows, and music when I’m high. However, the opposite is true for video games and tasks that require concentration and action. So it enhances your passive experiences, but it can be frustrating and distracting for tasks.

One exception is a certain kind of writing that isn’t really writing so much as idea-generation. I find that I have an easier time thinking of ideas when I’m high. The quality of the ideas doesn’t improve, just the quantity. But later, when I’m more critical, I have more to work with when narrowing down good ideas.

If you ever do want to try it (and manage to successfully get high, it takes most people 2 or 3 tries), I would really recommend watching the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.

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Oh, how could I forget? You will want to eat ice cream and/or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

On risks, the main risk is that you are talking about a drug that makes most passive activities significantly more fun, generally makes you happier when you’re on it, and has very few side effects or bad things associated with it. This in itself can be a bad thing. Becuase if you aren’t careful, you’re just going to want to get high all the time. Then you run into the law of diminishing returns. Also, without a “sober” life to balance and contrast, it will start to lose its luster.

It is thus of the utmost importance—both for your own health and your continued enjoyment of marijuana—to use it in moderation.

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@Qingu gave the best answer you could possibly ask for. Props.

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@Qingu Really great answers. Thanks.

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@Qingu Fruit is also a fantastic munchie food.

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