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What sort of funny things do you come up with for "White Elephant" parties?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) November 29th, 2012

For those who don’t know, White Elephant (also called Chinese Christmas) is explained here.

I usually try to think of funny or bizarre things to take. I just finished crafting something that I think will be hilarious!

Do you have a “typical” gift you like to take or do you think of different things from year to year? Is there something particularly funny you’ve taken before?

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Considering that folks here have no clue what it is, mock turtle soup

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Your link doesn’t work. :)

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I am one of the hosts for our swimming pool group’s holiday get together this year. We have asked everyone to bring a wrapped gift valued at $5 or less to play a game similar to the White Elephant/Chinese Christmas game. I am providing a few extra gifts just in case any of our elderly friends can’t afford or forget to bring a wrapped gift.

Today at the Dollar Tree I found a Bare Lift. Considering the average age of our friends in this group is around 75, I thought it was pretty funny. I’m have some really nice gifts I bought at Tuesday Mornings, but I couldn’t resist The Instant Breast Lift. I’ve got an actual box from some Viagra I’m wrapping, a denture cup, some condoms and an early pregnancy test.

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My husband wants to wrap a toilet seat. What did you craft, @WillWorkForChocolate.

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A toilet seat would be great! I bought a jock-strap and decorated it with ribbons, flowers, bows, and rhinestones… all pink. Oh, and I sewed on little purple bells around the waistband.

I thought about taking Depends or denture cream, but someone did that last year. I also thought about a Justin Beiber Christmas ornament, but alas, someone took a poster of him last time. :( I couldn’t think of anything else funny, hence the princessy jock-strap.

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May I steal your crafty gift idea? That is too funny.

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I don’t mind at all. Seriously? I’m not fishing for compliments, I swear. You really think it’s funny? I thought it sounded hilarious, but now I’m second guessing myself and wondering if it’s just stupid.

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It will be a big hit. I think I’ll make it with a little dainty sign attached that says, “For the woman with balls.”

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Haha! I used pink rhinestones to spell out STUD directly above a huge pink silk flower.

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I laughed out loud. Good one!

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Oh good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it would be funny!

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A plunger, fly swatter, cans of silly string, stupid toe socks, enema bag, kiddie toothbrush and toothpaste, a bag of potatoes. haha

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A nicely decorated plastic urinal for the bedridden might be fun.
Or a box of jawbreakers, if you can find them.

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I’d take a barrel of this new fuel I just invented, it’s made from dead homeless people.
I call it tramp-oline, when I make huge profits I hope the cheques don’t bounce ;¬}

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I have a couple to attend in the next couple days. One is a $20 gift exchange; I was thinking a Walmart shopping kit: pajama pants w/ a Walmart gift card…a nice one would be car wash gift cards w/ car air freshener and a car trash bag…gift card to buffalo wing restaurant w/ some buffalo flavored treats and sauce included…gag one; prune juice, magazines and toilet paper-

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