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Are you having a Yankee Swap (aka White Elephant) in your office today?

Asked by MrItty (17366points) December 18th, 2009

What did you buy for it? Was there a spending limit imposed? And what did you get in return? Any particularly “hot” items get stolen multiple times?

My office’s “holiday party” is at noon today. I bought a wine corkscrew & stopper set for $20 from Bed Bath & Beyond. We’ll see what I end up with. Last year I think I got a DVD of famous Yankees, which I have yet to unwrap….

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surprised to hear of any office having parties this year- my husbands place which in the past had the most luxurious coctail parties and gift baskets and bottles of scotch sent home – they are having nothing this year

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I don’t have an office, but I’m doing a white elephant exchange with a group of friends tomorrow. Someone’s getting a Slap Chop… their life will be exciting now!

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@trailsillustrated it’s nothing fancy. Pot-luck lunch and the gift exchange, with a $15 limit. Doesn’t cost the company anything, since we’re doing it on our lunch break.

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Fortunately, any exchanges are outside the scheme of things. Friendly gifts on the side, not a part of an organized event.

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My Yankee Swap just completed. After all 31 participants were done, I had my gift – a CD of Manhim Steamroller – stolen, and it was replaced with…....<drum roll> a Chia Homer. No, really.

I feel just a bit jipped.

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@MrItty I would feel jipped too, I think the Chia Bart is way cooler.

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Our office didn’t have a gift swap but we all got a Christmas lunch and drinks at the local pub last week, and a bottle of champagne each handed out today. My folk club is having a gift swap on Monday, maximum value of gift £2.00 (about US$4).

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